Monday, December 12, 2011

another good ride and an alternative holiday "shopping" opportunity

Keil Bay and I had another good ride today. Some of the ride we had two little donkeys alongside and some of the ride we were trailed by a pony and his girl. I have a twinging something or other in my hip but also have the chiropractor and a massage on Wednesday so hopefully will be back to normal by that afternoon.

I was in the barn tonight with six happy equines munching on organic hay, drinking clean water in clean stalls, with full feed bins in our feed room. To be honest I didn't think too much about the hay or the feed or the clean water. We take that for granted most of the time. I did consider as I often do that we have loving horses here who are truly loved in return - and I know that the relationships we have with these gracious, beautiful equines brings happiness to our lives. I hope these relationships offer the same happiness to them.

In that moment of noting how much I get from my horses and also how much I enjoy giving to them of my time and resources, I can't say I really thought much right then about horses who don't have the kind of home we provide.

Tonight I found an email in my box from Raymond and Paula Petterson, the creators and owners of Whinny Warmers. I've posted here about their winter and summer socks for horses and how much we love them. I've also posted about their company and how committed they are to helping horses. It is sadly a rare thing for a company that makes products for horses to give back freely to the very animals who make their businesses possible. Raymond and Paula do.

The following email is typical of their care and consideration for equines. And as it happened, I was just getting ready to put up another holiday shopping post when I read it. It occurred to me that this in fact is a holiday shopping opportunity - to help a small, family-owned horse rescue that appears to be the only one in the California county in which they live.

From Raymond and Paula:

Dear friends, I've sent this out to a special few of you, those that I figure might be open to helping me out on something important. I'm not one to ask for much and I hope you will consider this request for help to a deserving horse rescue group out in California.  Read their letter to us which is below mine.

This horse rescue put out a "help" request on FB last week and Sox for Horses, Inc. was the one single response they got.  We know things are tough for everyone, but when we get a request for help from a rescue, and they aren't all that common given how many rescues there are out there, we stop, give them our attention, check them out, and send them money or socks for horses that they can auction off at their next fundraiser.  Of course it's all tax deductible for our business, but then again, Sox For Horses, Inc. is all about helping horses so it fits.  We've had an incredible year and to share our success we sent them $75.00 which to us seems like a drop in the bucket for these people, but we knew when combined with others responding, it would add up.  It didn't add up for them! 

Please consider going to their website and donating a few bucks.  We all can't do it every day or even every week but I hope you will consider adopting a horse rescue and giving a little every month.   You can't change the world, but you can change the world for that horse.   Lets see if combined, we can make a difference for these good people and the horses they've given comfort to. I will also give them plenty of connections so that they can learn how to successfully fundraise as many rescues do but in the meantime, while we get them all trained up on marketing...send a little money.

Thank you!  Have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas!

Raymond and Paula 

the letter from the rescue:

Hello Mr. Peterson, This is Al angulo, I'am the VP of ERO and do all marketing/fundraising. The socks you sent are amazing. I would like to tell you a few things about us, us meaning my wife and President, Christine angulo and Ally my 15 yr old daughter and my 13 yr old son Drew. My wife started rescue over 15 yrs ago and in  2009 became a non profit org. Thinking that we could offset the cost associated with rescue thru donations. While I worked as a union Laborer building highways I was away 5 days a week living in a fifth wheel and home on weekends. well long story short we have funded this rescue and have done great things for our community. we are the  only approved rescue for fostering horses confiscated from abuse until a court  decides their fate, all with no help from the county or people of kern co. but that's ok it is our passion to help and fight abuse. 13 months ago I was laid off. so I took this time to concentrate on fundraising for this rescue. Mr Peterson can I tell you this is the toughest task I have ever tackled.  You are A Angel to this rescue, you need to know, my wife sent out emails pleading for a little help and you are the only one that has helped. You also need to know today was the day I needed it most as we were out of senior feed for tonight's feeding, your donation has brought tears to my eyes and I;m so grateful I cannot thank you enough for this. my wife is on her way to tractor supply in town (a 100 mile round trip) for the much needed senior feed. I have been selling mistletoe on ebay for the rescue. You are the second person this year that has sent this rescue a donation. the third person their donation check bounced and caused all kinds of other problems. my kids do alot of work here and this is a family run rescue. the kids dont expect much they know things are tight.  I wish more people were as thoughtful as you are. If at anytime you need anything in California please know that you can count on us for help. well I need to end this please understand I am so thankful. Your timing was great. from my family to yours have a great holiday season. I,m sorry for rambling on i don't mean to bother you. but thanks for listening.  you will hear from us and get some pictures.  Thank You again,  You are so kind, Al Angulo.   

Christine Angulo,
CEO Equine Rescue Outakuntrol
PO Box 102
Caliente, Ca. 93518

I haven't personally done any research to check this rescue out. I went to the website, looked it over thoroughly, and I read Raymond and Paula's note. It sounds like they have subsisted without much help in the way of donations and so I'm offering the information here so that anyone who wants to pitch in can do so.

GO HERE to donate. You can look at the facility photos, check their contact page for nonprofit info and service provider info (vet and farrier), and decide if you feel they could use some support.

All of us who live with horses know firsthand the expense it entails to feed them, shelter them, and maintain basic care and maintenance. Those who do rescue and do it well are always in need of our support to keep things going.

There are many rescues out there and even if you choose not to support this particular one, consider finding one you can support and instead of one gift, send a donation for the horses and donkeys who haven't been as fortunate as yours or ours have.

Thanks so much!


Grey Horse Matters said...

This post is so eerie I was thinking of the exact same thing yesterday and just didn't have time to post something. I was going to put together a help the rescues for Christmas post. This rescue sounds like they could really use some help. It certainly brings home how lucky we are and in turn our horses are well taken care of too. I'll check this rescue out they sound deserving as are so many others.

Glad you and Keil had a good ride with lots of company. Hope the chiro helps the hip out.

billie said...

We must be on the same wavelength - great minds think alike. :)