Saturday, December 10, 2011

back to the holiday shopping on November Hill

I was absolutely thrilled yesterday when I went to the post box and found a package from Curious Crow Jewelry.

I discovered Curious Crow when Linda Carson at the 7MSN posted a photo of a gorgeous donkey necklace. I was holding down the work of November Hill Farm solo (with the help of a friend who came for three days) while the rest of my family went to the beach. When I saw the necklace Linda posted I immediately ordered one for myself as a reward for a week of hard work taking care of my animal family.

And when I got that first necklace in the mail, I was so impressed I contacted Curious Crow to see if they might make something very special for me. I knew I was looking at a fairly intensive dental procedure, and I wanted to treat myself for finally summoning the courage to go through with it.

Wendy and Jenny, Curious Crow artists, were wonderful to work with and took great care in coming up with my custom design. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. And because I waited a little longer than they thought was necessary to get the final product, they sent me a gift - another necklace!

(actually, two, but shhhhh! one is a secret)

Here's the original donkey necklace plus my tree of life one that they sent as a gift. Click on the images below to see them in greater detail:

And, get ready... here is my custom design bracelet. It makes my heart sing every time I look at it. All my equine friends in one herd:

I love the boxes almost as much as the jewelry! Head over to Etsy and see what they have on hand, and if you have an idea for something special, don't hesitate to ask. They are wonderful.


the7msn said...

What a spectacular keepsake that bracelet is! Curious Crow hits another home run.

Grey Horse Matters said...

They are all wonderful. I know someone around here who would love that bracelet. Thanks for putting this up.

billie said...

Linda, thanks for finding them and sharing them with all of us!!

billie said...

A, I bet I know who! :)