Friday, October 15, 2010

nice end to the very busy week

Everyone but me set off this morning for a photography group field trip to the zoo, so I had the chores solo this morning. My mom came over and kept me company while I prepared breakfast, and we enjoyed chatting and hanging out while I mixed minerals, scooped supplements,  ground the flax and vitex berries, and got beet pulp rinsed and ready to carry out to the barn.

No one in my family is a horse person, and I talked so much about having horses from the time I could talk, I think everyone, especially my mom, gets a huge kick out of seeing me with the equines, working hard but loving every minute of it.

And it was fun seeing my mom standing in the feed room door, being nudged gently by Salina, flanked by the donkey boys, and feeling perfectly comfortable with them so close. And hearing her laugh with delight as she got to hear the Hanoverian breakfast chorus, which is quite a symphony.

It reminded me of days when I was young, being dropped off for the day by my mom at the barn where I boarded my horse, and being picked up at the end of that day, loading tack into the car so I could take it home and clean it, blissfully tired and talking non-stop about my horse all the way home. 

Today is another gorgeous day, and after getting the morning chores done, my mom and I had some rare time to visit without my kids here. With doors and windows open, we sat in the living room and talked about health care, family visits, and reminisced about dogs and cats we've loved over the years. (while Bear and Kyra entertained us, and the cats sat in their various spots as though they were enjoying the conversation!) We went to a favorite place for lunch, stopped by the espresso van for mocha frappucinos, and then headed back here where of course it was time for more barn chores.

This afternoon Keil Bay is getting time in the barnyard with donkeys and Salina, and he's sauntering around making the most of it - grazing, munching hay, checking out the path to the back, locating acorns, and periodically doing his most favorite thing - parading through the barn aisle from one side of the barn to the other. I'm not sure why he loves doing that so much - except that I doubt he's had much chance to do it anywhere but here, and he seems to think it's a fine privilege to have.

Very fine day, in fine company, and happy for all the blessings in my life.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It's so nice to have been able to visit with your mom for the whole day, just the two of you reliving old memories.

Some of our horses are allowed (occasionally) to have access to the barn one at a time. I don't know why they find it so much fun to parade in and out of the barn either. Sweetie was the only one that was allowed free all the time, and she had a great time for herself too.

billie said...

Salina and the donkey boys get all access passes for the most part - but Keil has to be moderately supervised as he will get into things! He does love it though!