Saturday, October 30, 2010

last batch of Biltmore conservatory photos

I think if I had gone into the conservatory first I might never have made it into the estate. I took a fair amount of photos but now looking at them, realize I would love to go back and walk in the front door, documenting each section piece by piece. A project I will anticipate with great pleasure!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Everything is so beautiful. The colors in the first photo are so vivid, I've never seen that particular plant before.

billie said...

I hadn't either - it was so lovely. I can see it on a sun porch we used to have when I was young - the colors with the furniture that was there.

Dawn said...

As a former Biltmore employee, I'm telling you that they have a florist department that is unreal. The ones who worked in the house pulled anything at the slightest sign of wilting---and at that time, if it was something they were removing, they'd let the employees take it home.

I think that in February or in the off season, they let NC residents go for half price. Maybe if you do that some time I can go to Asheville and treat you to Papas and Beer.

Great photos as always

billie said...

Thanks, Dawn - interesting info!!