Friday, October 29, 2010

a favorite sequence of Biltmore conservatory shots

This sequence of photos contains several of my personal favorites. Each captured the real essence of the plant and the atmosphere for me.

I loved the spiny-trunked palm particularly juxtaposed with the delicate flower behind it, and the texture of the aged terra cotta pots.

The other tree really called to me with the patterned trunks and the incredible way the light came through all those leaves.

The shot upward is a study in light and reflection and what is real and not real, as well as what looks like a reflection but is actually not. I loved this one b/c I put the bamboo "fence" in at the bottom - it was so much to take in, but not in any way overwhelming.


Máire said...

They are simply great photos. I love that one looking up. In them all the plants are quite architectural.

billie said...

Thank you, Maire - I had quite a lot of fun being there and also having my camera in my hands!

Matthew said...

Your conservatory pictures puts my stuff from this past weekend to shame!

Wow, just wow!

billie said...

That's hard to believe, Matthew!