Thursday, March 04, 2010

with great sadness, and godspeed


From the Caring Bridge website:
It is with deep sorrow that I must convey that our wonderful friend Gerry Reid has gone home to be with his God. Gerry was declared dead before 3 PM this afternoon. His wife, Mandy, has returned home to be with their children.

Gerry was an organ donor and his organs will bring others renewed life.

The family would like to thank all who have known Gerry for their tremendous outpouring of love and support. Gerry's legacy is the many amazing friendships he fostered and through these he will live on.

-Mark Turner

We add our love and support to Mandy, his children, and the entire family. Please keep the 9 p.m. vigil this evening as a tribute to Gerry and his incredible network of family and friends.


Enchanted Forrest said...

Such heartbreaking news. Gerry's friends and loved one's are in my prayers.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Terribly sad news. My sympathies to his family and friends.

Matthew said...

Thank you Billie for all of your loving energy for Gerry and his family this week.

Although his body is gone I could sense the healing for many souls this week with an outpouring of love, especially today. And I know that your efforts, those of the readers here, and many others, contributed to that.

When I have more energy I'll write more about Gerry. We're all pretty exhausted right now.

Máire said...

Such sad news. My deepest sympathy for his family and friends. I will be with you in spirit at 9pm.


ponymaid said...

Oh no. This is so very sad. Our thoughts are with his family.

billie said...

It is a tremendous loss and all our thoughts are with his family right now.