Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Blogger has a new feature called template designer - wow!  I'm going to be playing with this on and off today, so forgive the wild changes I'm making.

This background image reminds me of one of my favorite mountain camping areas, so I'm doing a little travel via blog today.

We'll see what ends up sticking.


Matthew said...


CharlieHorse said...

what fun !!

Máire said...

What fun. I like this! Enjoy the play.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Looks great! I didn't know about this, I guess I'll be playing with it tomorrow. I love this kind of stuff.

billie said...

I have got busy the past few days and haven't had time to do much more playing - but I did manage to change mystic-lit as well, so take a look over there (you can click over from the sidebar here, just scroll down) and let me know what you think of that one!