Thursday, March 25, 2010

celebrating the green on November Hill

Yesterday was the day we decided to begin the offering of green stuff in very limited amounts to the equines, and R&R were lucky to be in the right place at the right time. My husband opened the gate and in they marched for their 10 minutes in the sun.

They were soon joined by Salina and Keats the feline goddess. As you can imagine, it was not quite as easy to get them out of the back yard as it had been to invite them in!  They are all craving the green stuff, but we try to build them up slowly. They'll get 10 minutes for a few days, then 15, then when the back yard is grazed down for us we'll move to the side and front, and build them all up to 30 minutes a day each.

Between that and what's coming up in the back field they should get just the right amount of green to prepare their systems for the richer season. Right now the back field is mostly buttercups, which will get mowed when they get tall enough. If my plan works out, the mowing will coincide with their move to the front, since moving them to that much grassier field will take some time and thus it won't be grazed down for a while.

Fortunately we have the dry paddock and can use the arena as well as we move them onto the grass.

Yesterday morning I was spreading hay in the back field and heard a commotion in the forest behind our grandfather compost mountain. It was a herd of deer, 20-25 of them, and they began to leap down the hill, through the clearing, and up the hill into the next section of trees. I have never seen anything like it - the deer seemed to be fully airborne, and the flash of white tails was like a wave moving down, across, and then up again.

I searched online for photos that might show a similar movement, but there was nothing remotely like what I saw. We have deer visiting frequently, but not usually in that number, and not usually in such a smooth wave of motion. Deer symbolize new adventure, and magical journeys. As the last deer in yesterday's herd reached the edge of the forest, she stopped and turned back to look at me. As always, the soft gentle glance of a deer is like an invitation to follow.

And just like that, in a fleeting moment, the fourth magical pony book was born.


Dawn said...

WOW! That is gorgeous. I can't wait for more in the magical pony book. This week I've been thinking a lot of one of your characters [E-G]. I've found myself smiling.

ponymaid said...

Billie, is that actual grass or did you colour some of the lawn to give the impression thereof? To my eyes it is a thing of beauty and has sent me out to stare at our bare paddock in hopes of encouraging some growth. Can you tell us more about the pony books please? They sound quite wonderful. Will there be illustrations? And donkeys?

jme said...

yay! you've got a lot more green than we do so far, but there are hints of it everywhere. something about that color just lifts my spirits, even on the toughest of days :-)

i also always see deer as a positive, magical sign. in the myths i love, they always have the power to travel between worlds. how wonderful it would be if we could follow.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your emerald green looks luscious. We're waiting for our to sprout, soon I hope.

I love the deer too and what you described does sound magical. Tell us more about your magical pony books.