Friday, November 06, 2009

update on the anti-rollkur 'campaign' front

It's been a busy week and many, many people have been working hard to educate themselves on this issue, take action, and keep the issue alive as the FEI continues its investigation.

Richard Johnson, Director of Communications for the FEI, posted on Facebook this morning:

Official Statement from FEI

As previously announced, the FEI is conducting an investigation into the events in the Odense warm-up arena. Such procedures always take time as it is important that they are done in a thorough and fair way. The FEI is aware of the high-level of interest in the issues raised in the video and... the subsequent online debate and would like to thank everyone who has contacted us for their feedback. We understand the concern and we will make the findings of the investigation public as soon as we are in a position to do so.

The FEI is also giving the issue of Rollk├╝r special attention. This topic has been put on the agenda of the FEI Bureau meeting, which is taking place on 15 November in Copenhagen. Important developments will be announced as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, LVM Insurance company will "most probably" stop sponsoring Patrik Kittel due to the many letters and emails protesting. They did ask him for a statement but say as well that he is "on very thin ice"...

Read HERE.

We all need to remember that Patrik is not the only rider out there utilizing rollkur, and while the video that jump-started this movement at this time featured him, we need to extend the circle to include other top riders and trainers who promote this technique.

If you've written to the FEI, thank you! While we wait for them to do their job, find sponsors who support riders and trainers using rollkur and let them know how you feel about that.

ADDED IN AS I JUST COULDN'T RESIST, from the Facebook Blue Tongue group:

OK, I am ready with the first list of sponsors and form letter. As stated before, use it any way you want, as inspiration, in part or all of it, but be sure to personalize it, (add your own comments and of course name) date it and add your country. I am relatively inept on the computer, so if there is a better way to p...ost this, do let me know. Most of these are links to a contact page, no emails were available, so copy/paste in address bar and go from there. Ladies and gentlemen, start your keyboards :-) here we go.

Drumroll, please - let's go for the gold, shall we? We start with - Anky.

Anky van Grunsven Sponsors

Van Grunsven Groep


For dutch contact, go to






(I can't take the time right now to make those all embedded links - but hopefully you can cut and paste for now - billie)

In an exciting announcement, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling will be doing a live teleseminar speaking to this issue and responding to the video. This will happen on November 15th, the same day that the FEI Bureau meeting described above will be held.

Go HERE to register.

This is an opportunity to "vote" by registering and supporting a rider and trainer who is openly speaking out against rollkur. And it's free!

Dressage Disgrace, the site hosting the teleseminar, is a great way to stay up to date on what's going on. Support them by joining and by commenting.

And finally, I'd like to remind myself and all of us that as we look at and evaluate riders and trainers who are out there in the public eye, competing and being videotaped, we must also look to our own backyards and barns and arenas to evaluate our own riding, training, and horsemanship, as well as the lifestyle we are providing for our own horses.

Are we interacting with our equines with kindness, consistency, and clarity?

Are we staying active on the journey to better horsemanship? (in my opinion this journey never ends)

Are our own horses happy in mind, body, and spirit?

I've had a head cold all week so it's been easier than usual to spend so much time on this issue. (and on the computer!)

And I'm not done! But I'm taking the weekend off to relax with horses and family, enjoy the sudden drop in temps we had last night (we had to bring the porch plants in!) and celebrate my favorite time of year.

I may put up a few photos as the weekend rolls on, but otherwise, see you on Monday!


jme said...

thank you for the update. i will certainly try to tune in to the teleseminar! i hope you enjoy your much-needed rest this weekend and make the most of the good riding weather :-)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks for all the information and links and your thoughtful commentary. I'll try to tune in to the teleseminar too. As jme said enjoy your weekend and this wonderful weather, I will be thinking of you as I'm riding Dusty and maybe Blue too. We're supposed to have sunny days and good temps. We should all relax and make the most of it while we can.

billie said...

Love the idea that we'll all be riding on the weekend!


Michelle said...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend rides, I took some time off this weekend too, to enjoy our newly "cool" temps! I'll check in to the teleseminar, thanks for clueing us in.

billie said...

Thanks, Michelle - hope you did too!