Sunday, November 29, 2009

shop for the holidays - right here!

Welcome to the camera-obscura holiday shopping extravaganza! All products here are made by people I know either locally the regular way OR locally the blog world way. I'm thrilled to showcase these beautiful offerings. Support the arts!

(It's not too late to add your items - keep sending them and I'll add them to this post.)

Talk2theAnimals offers a number of great items:

T2TA 1st Annual Commemorative Ornament, a doggie shirt and a totebag are found HERE.

2999 Award Winning Photo book and 2010 calendar are HERE.

T2TA Bookstore


T2TA Gift Certificates

Sheafferwear! You can get t-shirts, mugs, hats, posters, cards, etc. at Sheaffer's store. There are images of Jack too! Proceeds go to Primrose Donkey Sanctuary, a very worthy cause. We have the above poster in our tack room. Sheaffer's excellence and watchful eyes kept Rafer Johnson company during his broken leg convalescence. Now Sheaffer keeps me company every morning when I do breakfast tubs. Somehow I feel he would approve of that.

Beautiful handmade books - weekly planners, agendas, journals and sketchbooks, albums and organizers... and my personal favorite - the book of folders, shown above, for those of us who love to organize!

Gorgeous handmade jewelry, elegant and elemental. The one I'm drooling over, the redfearn bracelet:

Stunning kaleidoscope designs
available on a variety of products:

These are so lovely it's hard to pick. I'm partial (at this moment) to this one - the original (titled Corgi Footprint):

the kaleidoscope design:

A series of photo books--one for each season--featuring original photography and kaleidoscope art along with inspiring quotes. A beautiful calendar available through Lulu as well.

My pick for this season:

The yummiest scarves ever, Dana calls these the "Stevie" scarves:

Dana says, "And a number of beautiful items for which proceeds go to the Malawi Fund at HCC- every cent is sent back to Malawi! We have sent kids to school, bought school supplies, paid for malaria meds, mossie nets, bought people food, put a roof on a house and so much more!"

To inquire or purchase any of Dana's items, click HERE.


ponymaid said...

Billie, thank you for including my wares - and thank you from the donkeys at PrimRose Donkey Sanctuary, which is what the Sheaffer shop at CafePress is all about.

billie said...

Sheaffer, we're on the same wavelength - as your comment rolled in I had already gone back to add the line about Primrose in the post!

I will try to get the link in later - must run to post office now!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great idea billie. There are so many wonderful things to choose from I'll have to look them all over again before making any final decisions.

Buddy said...

Great things you are offering.

I have a question - is that your house with the snow - that is a stunning photo!


billie said...

I agree - I'm enjoying my short stint as shopkeeper. :)

And don't forget, there are books coming to mystic-lit...

billie said...

Yes, Buddy, that is November Hill. We rarely get snow like that so it was fun to see it all wintered up!

It made me think of holidays in general, so I put it up for the week.

Mamie said...

I'm so excited about this great idea, Billie. And I too love the new header photograph.

Enchanted Forrest said...

This is wonderful! Thank you so much for including my art in your virtual store. I am honored to be in such talented company.
Lulu storefront:

billie said...

Thanks, Mamie - on both counts!

billie said...

Sue, you are most welcome!

And everyone, there are more items to add, plus I need to get the mystic-lit book post up.

This afternoon we're hosting gingerbread house building, so right now I'm surrounded with candy building materials of every sort.

Will get to my shopkeeper duties later this evening... :)

Peggy Payne said...

What a great idea, Billie. And on a different subject, I love your snowy house shot.

billie said...

Thanks, Peggy - and feel free to pass the word about the "shop" - both here and at mystic-lit, where I'm listing books exclusively.

kim said...

OMG I so love the photo of your house. It makes so incredibly homesick for my VA farmhouse .BEAUTIFUL.

billie said...

Thanks, Kim. I really really love our house - especially the fact that the horse areas quite literally wrap all the way around it. It was fun to see it in the snow - and we may be getting some tomorrow!