Saturday, August 30, 2008

triple heater meridian

The pony's herb pack arrived today smelling like a yummy cookie before I even opened it. The cinnamon!

As if getting it wasn't excitement enough, Patsy enclosed a fact sheet about the blocked meridian. I think every issue this pony has ever had relates to this blocked meridian. This is some of what it says:

Triple Heater Meridian: Commander of all Energies


The Triple Heater is a function rather than a physical organ. It represents a group of energies and involves many organs. This meridian is the functional relationship between the energy-transforming organs. The Triple Heater transforms and transports Chi as it
flows unimpeded to all parts of the body. In this role, it helps transform and transport nourishment and to excrete waste as well as direct Chi to the organs. This meridian also enhances the functions of the lymphatic system. The Triple Heater is known as the "Official of Balance and Harmony."

Absolutely amazing.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Very interesting about the meridian and the balance and energies. I'm going to be waiting to see how the herbs work for him and if he seems much different than before the herbs. Good luck with this.

mamie said...

This is, as you said, very exciting and interesting stuff. Keep us posted. Maybe some crows would help that flow....

billie said...

He got his first dose tonight. My timing was poor, as I took the tub out to him just as a lightning storm came up. He was so busy checking out the weather he kept taking little bites and then stopping. Once we got up near the barn with the other horses, he gobbled the rest down.

The acupuncturist is coming this week. She says these blocked meridians are actually very common and often the root of a lot of issues.

Fortunately, the massage therapist is here Monday, so we're going to let Apache take a turn and get relaxed for the needles. (gak! but the acupuncturist says once horses get used to it they will actually go to sleep)

Cheryl said...

Yes, please keep us posted!

billie said...

I'm sure I will be posting like mad this week as we see how his herbs do, get his massage, and then the acupuncture.

I have always been far too phobic of needles to consider this for myself, but perhaps Apache Moon is leading the way.

And my daughter, who wants to go to vet school, is certainly seeing a wide variety of treatment approaches and options as we go.

Kyle said...

Billie, I think it's wonderful that you're doing all this for your pony. Not many people have the insight to help their animal friends holistically. I treated my sheltie, Tasha, with herbs and acupuncture for a while, and it helped. I think her decline at age 15 would've been harder without it.

That meridian statement reminds me of the labels on Dr. Bonners soap . Good stuff!

jme said...

that's amazing. i love your holistic approach and can't wait to see how he does (and you've just reminded me to call our acupuncturist!) i hope he starts feeling better soon. good luck!

billie said...

Kyle, it's good to see you here - my feeling is that western medicine can be even more off base for animals than it is for humans, so I'm always looking for approaches that work w/o the extreme invasion of body and spirit.

The animals we live with bring us so much companionship and pleausre and as I said, they teach us so much - I happily look for ways to keep them healthy and feeling great.

billie said...

Thanks, jme - we are also giving hyssop to help clear the block, so hopefully we will see some change even before the acupuncture.

He was so sweet last night with his tub - in between taking his bites and smelling vigorously, he licked my hands.

It just occurred to me that this meridian's element is FIRE - how fascinating that as I took his tub out a lightning storm rolled up.