Thursday, August 07, 2008


Right this moment we're having a sudden onset thunderstorm with rain and lightning that just cracked so hard and so close it sounded like a tree splitting in half.

So what is inspiring about this?

There's a quite handsome wasp sitting on the screen of my garret window. He has brilliant orange and gold legs and is waiting out the storm by grooming himself from antenna to wingtips. I just love it that he's taking a break with me while the rain washes down the world outside.


Janet Roper said...

That sounds so peaceful and beautiful!
Thanks for sharing,

billie said...

I knew you would appreciate this, Janet! Had I seen him flying in my proximity I'd have been mildly alarmed, but seeing him in a stationary position, so carefully grooming, while the rain a few inches away pounded hard enough to dash him to the ground, was very special.

It was a safe harbor for him, and in that few minutes I was able to see his gorgeous color and his peace.

Peggy Payne said...

That wasp was no doubt basking in your appreciation. I think they don't get a lot.

BTW, Janet Roper, thanks for bookmarking me on Delicious. I just ran across that by chance and now have come across you here.

billie said...

Wasps don't really bother me - the yellow jackets are so much scarier!

The truly worst insect offender this year is the chigger. I have been zapped twice now, with many many bites.

Peggy Payne said...

Chiggers and ticks. From living in the woods, I've almost desensitized to the awfulness of them. It interest me what people get used to.

billie said...

I feel like I'm desensitized to ticks, in that I will pull them off without a second thought. But the chiggers still "bug" me. Bad pun. I'm tired of the itching!