Sunday, August 10, 2008

one year ago this month

(I already had to add two new things!)

My daughter was having trouble with her pony, who was feeling pressured and starting to rebel. Tonight, she took him a snack in the front field while the older horses had their evening feed, and then vaulted up onto his back to sit with him while he ate. When he finished, she rode him in to the paddock, and I warned her that the horses' back doors were open and the pony was speeding up - he loves to sneak in on Cody so we normally close Cody's back door while he eats. Anyway, she sat back and said whoa and the pony did the nicest, squarest halt with nothing but the girl's request.


This one is a bit longer ago. Five years ago I started back riding and jumped a mounting block totally by accident on the black mare Annie... about 25 years before THAT I was jumping my horse regularly.

Tonight, while riding Keil Bay, he was in such wonderful spirits and condition (thank you Patsy and your amazing herbs) he sailed over a trot pole three different times. Trotted in, cantered out. The last time he sailed pretty high, and we were flying. What a thrill! Husband said "He wants to be an eventer." Um - NO. :)


I was getting down to the bones in my second novel. I suppose one could say that this year I am dealing with its muscle.


We were just starting the Joss Whedon series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now we're just starting The Sopranos.


We were living with 102 degree heat. Today it is 86.


We celebrated multiple birthdays at my parents' house, with steak on the grill, Blue Moons and Cokes, an impromptu pomegranate martini for me, and sips of coconut rum all around. And cake and ice cream, of course.

This year my father is bedridden, with Hospice coming every day, but he can still talk and smile and enjoy cake and ice cream.


There were hints of autumn and tons of butterflies.

Today I saw a tree completely changing color and the butterflies are swarming.


I had a writing breakthrough and a trip to Weymouth.

This year I had a trip to Weymouth and THEN the writing breakthrough.


And we met this little guy:


Debra W said...


A year does make a huge difference, doesn't it? I am so sorry to hear about your dad, but it is a small blessing that he can still talk and smile and enjoy the cake and ice cream. There is comfort in all of that. There is quality in it.

Enjoy The Sopranos! I really miss watching that series. There is something strangely human about the characters which makes it easier to relate to them.

Congratulations on your breakthrough. That must have felt good.


billie said...

Thanks, Debbie.

I agree about the Sopranos. As violent as it is, the characters struggle with the same issues most of us do, even though the world they live in is vastly different. And of course the therapist element is fascinating to me. This is one of those shows many people have begged me to watch for years.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sometimes when you look back it seems you just have to say, has it been a year already. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope he enjoyed his cake and ice cream.

Autumn seems to be slipping quietly in here too, the deer must be fattening up for winter because I noticed yesterday that they have been snacking on my day lilies again, there are almost no flowers left, they have been precisely clipped off by deer teeth.

Did you get your new little guy yet? Looks like a yes in the picture.

Lynn said...

I'm very sorry about your father, Billie. I'm glad for the good things you have and I'm glad that you can appreciate them.

billie said...

Arlene, thanks.

I'm sorry the deer are taking your flowers but perhaps they appreciate them (and you for planting them) as they munch.

The photo is Rafer Johnson with his mom Contessa, the very first time we met.

Redford will be here in a few weeks' time!

billie said...

Thank you, Lynn - it is really good to see you here again! I hope things are going well for you these days - will pop over and check in.

Victoria Cummings said...

Billie - I'm glad your dad was able to enjoy the cake and ice cream and being with his loving family. It's all so fragile, and the comparison of both the good and the sad over a year helps remind us to appreciate every day as we live it.

billie said...

Thank you, Victoria. That was exactly what I was thinking when I started this post, how over the course of a year or any span of time, some things change and others remain the same, but either way, we can notice and be present.

mamie said...

I am in love with Rafer Johnson! Now all I have to do is find some property with a nice farmhouse and a barn, sell my house in the city, and get a Rafer Johnson of my very own. I CAN DO IT!

billie said...

When you get the farm and the space, I can direct you to the perfect people to buy not one, but TWO donkeys... remember, they are herd animals so you can't have just one... :)