Wednesday, June 04, 2008

great minds think alike

Actually this is yet another example of synchronicity and the collective unconscious, but I got a nice boost from the "great mind" line.

For my birthday, my husband gave me Jane Savoie's Happy Horse training program, which includes audio CDs, a book, and DVDs. She does a wonderful job taking the rider through the dressage levels and I am very slowly working my way through the program.

I've corresponded with Jane a bit about wanting to study dressage without being punitive or harsh or "loud" with the horses, and she created this program for just that purpose. She's written numerous articles about being an advocate for your horse (with punitive trainers, riding instructors, etc.) and I just read that she rode from SC to Vermont IN THE TRAILER with her wonderful horse Moshi, who developed some serious medical issues after they set out to travel from Florida to her Vermont home. The story of how they completed the trip (with conference calls to vets and stops every 1-2 hours to keep Moshi comfortable) reinforced for me how much Jane loves her horses.

Imagine my surprise this morning when my husband forwarded me two emails from Jane. (the mass emails go to him b/c he ordered the program from his email)

The first email was her June newsletter, in which one item has to do with using EFT for conquering a rider's fear of cantering! Apparently Jane has been using EFT with her students for years to help them overcome fears and anxiety. It's possible I "knew" this but since I have only recently learned how to use EFT with my own clients, I did not make the connection earlier on when reading about Jane's work.

The second email was a postscript from Jane answering a newsletter reader's question about using EFT with horses!

She suggests that placing one hand on the horse, but tapping oneself while saying the affirmations, is one way to go.

I still plan to discuss this with my massage therapist, because I have a feeling tapping the horse in the right spots will be very effective. In the meantime, however, if you're interested in checking out EFT practices with Jane Savoie and all her years of experience, go to her website and read the June newsletter. If I'm not mistaken, she covers EFT for riders in at least one of her earlier books.

I'll report back on my own application of EFT to horses next week, but I wanted to share this lovely bit of synchronicity today.

And healing thoughts to Jane's Moshi, who I hope is back to good health and great riding.


Sue said...

My last three email replies to you bounced back, not sure why. Thought I'd try here to see if it goes through.

billie said...

Sue, thanks for the heads-up - try again when you get a chance. My Eudora jammed up earlier, although I'm not sure why that would have caused bouncing - but perhaps it did. Or perhaps it got jammed b/c of a server issue? Anyway, it seems to be working now.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The EFT sounds like an interesting experiment with riders and horses. I will check out her newsletter and I will be waiting to see what happens next week with your horses.

billie said...

Arlene, some of what she has written focuses on using EFT with riders experiencing fear in the saddle, which is so common for women returning to riding after years off.

I know you wrote a wonderful post awhile back about that issue - I'm interested in reading more about how the EFT has helped her students with this.