Wednesday, June 18, 2008

charmed by a charm of goldfinches

As I drove into our driveway on my way back from the feed store this afternoon, a charm of goldfinches flew up like a cloud of butterflies (with UFO capabilities, in their quick up and down motion) and then arched up to the top of an oak tree in the front field.

I was completely charmed. I've certainly seen goldfinches many times - they have always shown up when I plant echinacea - but normally I see them one or two at the time. Today it was a charm of goldfinches. And I am delighted to be able to use that term - charm of goldfinches - in a sentence.

I spent an hour or so unloading stuff into the barn, sponged off horses with their fly spray, and did the bit of mucking there was to do. Then I came bouncing inside to read about goldfinches in Ted Andrews' Animal-Speak.

My goodness!

Black and yellow are the colors of the archangel Auriel... oversees the activity of nature spirits -- the fairies, elves, and devas... the presence of goldfinches usually indicates an awakening to the activities of those beings that are normally relegated to the realm of fiction... awakening to that which is normally hidden from view.

Goldfinches like border areas.. the 'Tween Places. Goldfinches are rarely silent, a reminder that Nature is speaking to us constantly.

The goldfinch has an undulating flight pattern... can be used in visualization to help loosen the subtle energies of the aura and facilitate leaving the body... also reflects the ability of the goldfinch to lead us to the inner and outer realms, from human to Faerie, from physical to spiritual.

What a lovely way thing to come home to - I am triply charmed.

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