Thursday, September 29, 2011

Somehow I suspect Sheaffer is behind this!!


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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

chiro notes september 2011

We had our wonderful equine chiropractor here today. Keil Bay was up first, as I knew he was going to be fussy if he had to wait. He LOVES the chiropractor!

I also knew after a few skirmishes with the pony this past month that Keil probably had some issues. His panther walk has been slightly less swingy. He settled in and waited for her to start. I was right. His hind end was a mess. The mess extended up into the lumbar region, then things were clear up to his neck and atlas, which was also a mess.

Fortunately Dr. E. knows her stuff and she got many goo-goo eyed looks from the Big Bay as she worked. Every time she put something back into correct alignment, he turned his head completely around and rolled his eyeballs around at her. It's a look of pure bliss and gratitude.

He was panthering around not too long after she finished.

Cody went next. I wasn't sure if he really needed it or not, because unlike Keil Bay, Cody is not very attuned to his body. He sometimes looks like things are okay when in fact they aren't. We erred on the side of caution today and she found only two minor things with him. I'm happy - with his muscle issues I always worry a little. He's been looking pretty good to me this month so it was nice to have this check to back that up.

The pony then had his turn. Apache Moon is incredibly flexible and limber. He spends some time every single day stretching his body out like a dancer. He does the deep down dog positions, stretches each hind leg out behind him in turn, and does neck stretches on his own, no carrot needed. But even limber ponies can get out of whack, so he got his turn with Dr. E. He had two things - both significant - and he visibly released as she adjusted them. I knew after she left he had really needed the work because he came up to me in the paddock and licked my hand, then lowered his head and chewed. He can be a Thelwell but he always says thank you when we know something is wrong and we help get it fixed.

Last for today was Redford Donkey. This was his first chiropractic adjustment and I wish I had photos of his time with Dr. E. He walked in like a prince with his purple halter and lead rope. He stood quietly as she checked him out. He had a couple of things that needed work and although he had no idea what was coming, he was a total pro about it! He was so cute standing in the barn aisle, having his turn just like one of the big boys.

Salina and Rafer will get their turns next visit, and at least one Corgi.

Now if only I hadn't had to cancel MY chiro yesterday afternoon!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

hodge-podge of a week here on November Hill

I kept thinking things would settle down and I could write a focused blog post, but each time one thing resolved, a new one popped up to grab my attention and my energy.

It's been a busy month on November Hill.

I'm not sure I've mentioned here that we have been doing research on family milk cows. I'm following the writings and research of Weston A. Price these days. I cut all processed sugar and white flour from my diet and have been pleased with the results. The first week was hard. I started craving desserts like crazy, and it can be challenging to use anything that isn't made from scratch. The evil "high fructose corn syrup" seems to be in everything!

It's gotten easier. I've made my own salad dressings as well as mayo, and we've been enjoying lots of good locally grown/raised fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, and cheeses.

The one thing we haven't been able to get locally is raw milk. Thus the family milk cow research.

As things seem to happen, when I start thinking about something, it tends to present itself. Outside my daughter's art class I met a mom and dairy farmer who just happened to have a Dexter cow in milk. Her name is Raspberry. She sounded perfect for us, and we were readying to go learn to milk, taste her milk, and then assuming all went well, to bring her to November Hill.

About that time the dominoes started toppling. Salina had been acting a bit iffy with one hind hoof. I wasn't sure if she'd pulled something, if another abscess might be brewing (she's only ever had one in a hind hoof), or if other things were going on with her.

Muffine Eloise, the princess puff feline, has had a rough summer with flea allergies and suddenly I noticed she was in the litter box a LOT. It's been many years since I had a cat with urinary issues, so I needed to research that issue anew.

Salina went pretty much 3-legged lame.

On Thursday I became convinced that it was time to think about helping her go. As is my usual routine, I asked her about it. She pinned her ears at me! I couldn't stand seeing her so lethargic and clearly not wanting to move. We'd done one round of abscess treatment. It hadn't worked.

We did round two. Husband felt strongly it was an abscess.

Meanwhile I had Muffine Eloise and in fact all five felines on a new food routine that gives them two half-hour eating times a day. They are used to free choice and I don't know if you've ever lived with five cats all wanting food at one time, but whoa! They all seemed to be starving. Both teens expressed concerns that the cats might actually leave home. I had an image of five felines with little suitcases marching up our lane.

Yesterday morning I woke up stiff and sore. I haven't felt that way in over a month, thanks to the new "diet" and the fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter I'm taking. I've also been doing lots of stretching in bed before I get up in the mornings.

Yesterday, I decided to do some EFT tapping. I tapped and tapped, thinking of muscles releasing tension and soreness. My mind was also on Salina, and what might be waiting at the barn. I had given myself a window. If she weren't better by Monday, we would need to resume the conversation about what to do next for her.

Husband went out to give morning hay and I got up. I looked out the kitchen window and saw him leading Salina around the arena. She was doing a big, bold, incredible walk. I went out on the back deck and called to them. The abscess had burst.

Muffine Eloise is 100% better. A homeopathic remedy and changing from free choice dry food to two feeds a day have relieved her issue.

It seemed clear to me this past week that taking on a milk cow, as much as I want to do it, is not in the cards right now. So that plan is on the back burner. But we have a mare who is walking again, a cat who is only using the litter box the normal number of times a day, and we have trees beginning to change color for fall.

(We also have black ants coming inside and fire ant mounds rising from the earth but you know, if there has to be something to manage, I'll take that over urinary issues and abscesses!)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

the wisdom of donkeys

Yesterday afternoon I had a wheelbarrow of hay sitting in the barn aisle. Salina set herself up to eat straight from the barrow, one of her favorite ways to eat hay. She was soon joined by the handsome Rafer Johnson.

For those that don't know, Salina has one eye, the one on her left. Rafer was eating on that side. Salina was a big grumpy because she has another abscess (big sigh) brewing and she uncharacteristically sniped at Rafer when he reached in to take a bite of hay.

Rafer stood there for a moment and respected her limit. Then very slowly, he walked around her to the other side, her blind side, and began to eat the small pile of hay she had dropped. Every time she took a big mouthful from the barrow, she tossed more right in Rafer's reach.

I had to smile. There was no drama and he got exactly what he wanted.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

300 donkeys in Texas need your help!

GO HERE for more information and a link to sign the petition.

Rafer Johnson and Redford hope you'll take the time to click, read, and sign.