Wednesday, September 28, 2011

chiro notes september 2011

We had our wonderful equine chiropractor here today. Keil Bay was up first, as I knew he was going to be fussy if he had to wait. He LOVES the chiropractor!

I also knew after a few skirmishes with the pony this past month that Keil probably had some issues. His panther walk has been slightly less swingy. He settled in and waited for her to start. I was right. His hind end was a mess. The mess extended up into the lumbar region, then things were clear up to his neck and atlas, which was also a mess.

Fortunately Dr. E. knows her stuff and she got many goo-goo eyed looks from the Big Bay as she worked. Every time she put something back into correct alignment, he turned his head completely around and rolled his eyeballs around at her. It's a look of pure bliss and gratitude.

He was panthering around not too long after she finished.

Cody went next. I wasn't sure if he really needed it or not, because unlike Keil Bay, Cody is not very attuned to his body. He sometimes looks like things are okay when in fact they aren't. We erred on the side of caution today and she found only two minor things with him. I'm happy - with his muscle issues I always worry a little. He's been looking pretty good to me this month so it was nice to have this check to back that up.

The pony then had his turn. Apache Moon is incredibly flexible and limber. He spends some time every single day stretching his body out like a dancer. He does the deep down dog positions, stretches each hind leg out behind him in turn, and does neck stretches on his own, no carrot needed. But even limber ponies can get out of whack, so he got his turn with Dr. E. He had two things - both significant - and he visibly released as she adjusted them. I knew after she left he had really needed the work because he came up to me in the paddock and licked my hand, then lowered his head and chewed. He can be a Thelwell but he always says thank you when we know something is wrong and we help get it fixed.

Last for today was Redford Donkey. This was his first chiropractic adjustment and I wish I had photos of his time with Dr. E. He walked in like a prince with his purple halter and lead rope. He stood quietly as she checked him out. He had a couple of things that needed work and although he had no idea what was coming, he was a total pro about it! He was so cute standing in the barn aisle, having his turn just like one of the big boys.

Salina and Rafer will get their turns next visit, and at least one Corgi.

Now if only I hadn't had to cancel MY chiro yesterday afternoon!


Grey Horse Matters said...

They all seem to really love their adjustments. Redford sounds so cute and what a little pro, bet he'll be looking forward to more visits from Dr.E.

billie said...

A, the pony and Cody are def. warier than Keil Bay but they clearly make the connection between what she does and how it then feels. I watch the eyes and ears and mouth - it's amazing to see them grumpy, then worried, then the eyes go completely soft and the ears relax. Then the licking and chewing starts.

With Keil Bay it's more like the eyes are impatient - HURRY UP! - and then he is like a lovesick teenager, gazing back at Dr. E, relaxing, soft eyes, googly eyes, etc.

Redford was so cute - standing very still and obviously trying hard to do the right thing.

Máire said...

You are very fortunate to have a chiropractor who gets such results. I love how the pony licked your hand in thanks.

billie said...

We have a number of equine vets in the area who also do chiro as part of their service. But this one is a vet who only does chiro - all day, every day - and I think b/c of that she is truly attuned to what she feels with her hands and sees as they walk before and after.

I've referred friends to her who had not seen much result with the afore-mentioned vets and they all were shocked after Dr. E. came - things get better immediately. You see the result and the horses make the connection quickly - she brings relief to them.