Thursday, September 22, 2011

the wisdom of donkeys

Yesterday afternoon I had a wheelbarrow of hay sitting in the barn aisle. Salina set herself up to eat straight from the barrow, one of her favorite ways to eat hay. She was soon joined by the handsome Rafer Johnson.

For those that don't know, Salina has one eye, the one on her left. Rafer was eating on that side. Salina was a big grumpy because she has another abscess (big sigh) brewing and she uncharacteristically sniped at Rafer when he reached in to take a bite of hay.

Rafer stood there for a moment and respected her limit. Then very slowly, he walked around her to the other side, her blind side, and began to eat the small pile of hay she had dropped. Every time she took a big mouthful from the barrow, she tossed more right in Rafer's reach.

I had to smile. There was no drama and he got exactly what he wanted.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Smart little monkey he is. I love how he weighed his options and came up with the best solution for all concerned.

billie said...

I felt I should take a few notes! :)

ponymaid said...

billie - Rafer showed all the signs of wise and well-balanced judgement even as a very young lad and he continues to develop those skills as the years go by. After all, who else of his age would have known how to heal a broken leg so sensibly? The world is his oyster (or possibly hay flake). Please give our best wishes to the honourable Salina for a speedy recovery.

billie said...

Sheaffer, it's true. You and Rafer have a wisdom that belies your years.

Redford is not unwise, exactly, but he just has very different ways of looking at the world!

Salina thanks you all. She had her hoof cleaned and wrapped with a poultice last night and is moving a little bit better this a.m. I am hoping the abscess has burst forth when I get out there with breakfast.

Matthew said...

What a great donkey and companion he is!

billie said...

It's true. Rafer is a gem.