Monday, May 01, 2023

November Hill farm journal, 181

 The first day of May! Which means our busy April has come and gone, with many birthdays celebrated, including Apache Moon, Keil Bay, dear husband, and dear daughter, whose cake has become a tradition for all of us:

We’re so proud of her graduating this week and moving on to her PhD program in the fall. She earned the honor of Outstanding Senior in the School of Sciences and these two birthday lemurs showed up to commend her. 

In other news, the herd had hoof trims on Saturday and the trimmer said she thought Keil Bay was the most stable she’s seen him, so I’m very happy that was noticeable to her. Overall he’s doing well and the biggest challenge to the herd these days is our see-sawing weather. Rain, heat, chilly, you name it. 

This week we had two very big rains and our garage flooded - not totally but it’s been awhile since we had this happen, so it was not a great surprise. Drying things out with fans and have reached out to see if we can have some waterproofing done. 

Am continuing to work in the garden beds and enjoying all the blooming things. I added a couple of new native species to my front bed - foam flower and woodland phlox - and will update my native plant series soon. 

Spending time at the desk Mondays - Wednesdays with a plan to soon get to spending some time there Thursdays with writing work. I enjoy my space and the work I do and I also love the joyful things I have arranged there to give me little breaks and good energy:

I found this pony figure at a craft fair several years ago and the name of the studio? Fat Pony Studios. I could not resist. 

It’s time, in my personal opinion, for a calm and easy month of puttering and working and enjoying the season. May you have that too, in whatever form makes you happy. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy belated birthdays to everyone. Love the lemurs on the cake to congratulate your daughter on her accomplishments! Beautiful cake.

Good to hear Keil is doing so well. The little fat pony is adorable and your work space is lovely. Hope you have a wonderful May and no more floods in the garage.

I did have a major burst pipe in the unfinished room above the garage a few months ago. What a mess. All the Christmas stuff was ruined, ceiling in garage was gone too and it even went down to the basement. So after the remediation crew got done ripping it all out, we moved on to the insulation guys, then the sheetrock company and the painter just finished painting the garage. So I've been a little busy here. Plus there's a lot of other stuff going on, so if I don't comment sometimes it's because I don't have a minute to read the blogs.

billie said...

Oh my gosh, A, what a mess to have to deal with! I’m sorry you’ve had to spend time/energy/money on all this. No worries at all - you come by when you can and I hope this unplanned renovation is close to being off your plate! Thank you for the good words even in the midst of it.