Friday, May 12, 2023

Moving On

 Yesterday went well for the Big Handsome Bay so last night I decided to let him turn out with his herd for the first time since last Sunday. We did not put any hay out but let them all graze, as he’s been getting grazing time all week and doing well with it. 

He was happy this morning but also hungry, and dear husband said he took a lead rope off its hook from instead his stall and tossed it into the barn aisle while waiting for his morning tub. 

When I went out to feed breakfast tubs to him and to everyone else, he took his halter off its hook and spun it around and around in the air building momentum and then let it fly. I’ve seen him do this before but it’s been awhile! I tried to get some video footage of him but he decided once was enough, I guess. 

I’m not sure the video has loaded properly, but I gave it a shot!

Trying to move on but also still monitoring his intake and output, and of course stressing any time frame without manure, which is not altogether reasonable. 

He’s happy for now and we’ll see how things go. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

It all sounds good! He’s a real character with very cute antics. It’s too bad the video didn’t load, would have been fun to watch.

billie said...

Thanks - I did not have the patience to retry the video! But he is a character and it’s so nice to see his antics again and his love of meal time. To see him not eating on Monday was hard. You know something’s wrong when the Big Bay won’t eat!