Sunday, February 19, 2023

Happy Birthday, Redford!!

 15 years old today! Seen here a week or so ago grazing hay next to Cody. I hadn’t noticed until this minute as I uploaded the photo, but the configuration of the herd is in itself meaningful. Keil is the oldest equine and definitely its center. Little Man and Rafer Johnson are best buddies and are not usually far apart. Redford loves being with Cody and Keil, and here he’s right between them. 

Redford was always very close by Salina when she was alive, and while he gets on with all the equines, and has been amazing through Keil’s bout with EPM, he is also the one equine who most frequently separates himself from the herd to keep me company when I’m doing chores or just out and about near the barn. He keeps an eye out on things happening around us, which reminds me a lot of Salina. I can always glance out our windows and if Redford is alert to a direction, there’s sure to be something going on. 

He’s the youngest member of our herd, close in age to Rafer. I expect he and Rafer will be with us for many more years and I’m grateful for their longevity and for their sweetness, curiosity, and for the joy they have brought and continue to bring to our lives. 

Happy birthday, Redford! You’re a star for sure. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Redford!

With love,


Kathleen said...

Happy birthday Redford!!!!

billie said...

Thanks, Marty and Kathleen!

Grey Horse Matters said...

So sorry I missed his birthday. I remember when you got him. It can't be 15 yrs. already! A belated Happy Birthday to a very special boy!

billie said...

No worries! Thank you! I say how can it be so many years so much I refrained this time, but I totally agree with you. How can it be? Such a long time. But we hope he’s with us until we’re 100. :)))