Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The Good Boys

 Cody is on an exercise regime to get him fit and hopefully back into some riding time as a part of that fitness program, and we started hand walking before his AM and PM feed tubs as a way to begin. He’s up to 16 minutes each time now, and soon I plan to put the saddle on him one of those times and ride. Eventually we’ll probably put the times together into one daily work-out under saddle. 

I have been leaving the gates open to the arena this week and I found it remarkably sweet that Redford came and did the walking with us the past two days. He marched every step with us, as if he wanted to keep us company. 

Redford stayed with Rafer Johnson at the end of Rafer’s broken leg saga, was a best friend to Salina when she was alive, and then to Keil Bay during his EPM time. He has daily play times with Rafer Johnson, and he gets on well with the pony boy too. Redford is a little more sensitive in personality than Rafer Johnson is, and in some ways more like a horse than a donkey, but the thing I love best about him is that he always seems to gravitate to the equine who needs him. 

This is just another example of that in a long line of instances. Thanks, Redford!

And here they are at the end of the exercise:


Grey Horse Matters said...

Redford is a really sensitive sweet boy. Love how he's always there for whoever needs him. He's very special. Have fun getting Cody into shape. It shouldn't take long with his personal trainer Redford!

billie said...

Yes, and mine too!