Sunday, June 05, 2022

November Hill farm journal, 155

 We woke up to a break-in a few mornings ago. My husband managed to get video of the bandits:

He had left the chain off the gate between the little barnyard and the dirt paddock, and I had left the gate unlatched into the potager. We don’t know exactly when they broke in, but they were all caught red-hooved, on video, harvesting away!

Miraculously nothing was trampled and other than the tell-tale video and one manure pile, I would never have known they’d been in there. Though it did look like someone had weed-eated, which in the end, saved me some work!

This week I have started the project in Poplar Folly, labeling native plants, removing non-natives and invasives, and readying to begin marking the walking path. I had a blast doing this and can’t wait to get back down there. 

However, other gardening chores call, and I’ve been doing some Japanese stilt grass removal as well as watering (we’ve had no rain in over a week), weeding, and continuing the mulching of beds.

Bees are all good. I think our lured swarm, Mnemosyne, swarmed. We have not done any splits this year and I wish we’d done at least one since I have hive equipment in storage that could be housing a colony. There’s always next spring!

The herd is doing well. Cody’s a bit better and I’ve got three grazing muzzles cleaned and ready to go on this evening so they can all turn out together again. We’ll see if the muzzles fit properly and if so, whether they stay on all night long. 

Dogs are good, cats are good, and we’re all relieved at the break in the 90s heat yesterday and today. It was in the 50s this morning and humidity is very low. 

I still have gardening things to do today, so I’m getting back to them, but wanted to share this funny video of our very sneaky herd. 


Kathleen said...

They look very happy and not the least bit guilty!

billie said...

I am certain there was no guilt involved! :))) They have wanted to get in there since the very first week the space was created, and they often will stand at the gate when I’m gardening there. Years back when we had the veggie garden in our backyard, before we had the cat-safe fence topper set up, we used to let them in to graze the grass and they sometimes stole something out of the garden beds. Salina once pulled up an entire 8-foot sunflower and ran with it. I think their desire to get in the potager may be a vestige of the back yard fun. I loved having them come in so close to the house.

Kathleen said...

I love it! Silly equines.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love it! If you leave a gate open they will always know and take advantage. Glad all is going well.
On another note I liked your poem.

billie said...

So silly sometimes!

billie said...

A, yes, they just go for the weak links in the chain, no pun intended! Thank you re: the poem!!!