Friday, November 06, 2020

A few photos of the Big Bay, this week

 Keil Bay got a big thumbs up from his vet on Monday, but yesterday had a relapse so we’re continuing the Marquis for another month. The relapse was not severe, but it definitely warrants continuing the medication. I’m stressed but hopeful. (This seems to be my default mode wrt many things right now - Keil, the election, our country)

I think the series of portraits my daughter took this week captures perfectly what I’m seeing with the Big Bay. He’s an amazing horse and I hope you’ll send him good thoughts as he moves on with EPM treatment!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Awe what a sweetheart. Love the pictures. Does your daughter take photography classes. All the pictures look so professional and she has a wonderful eye for just the right shot.

Sending good thoughts and hugs to you all. I'm sure he'll be just fine with his treatments and be as good as new. Hang in there.

billie said...

She is a natural. Thank you so much. Really appreciate your good words!!!

Matthew said...

Lovely portraits of the big Bay!

We are all definitely sending him positive thoughts to get over this EPM and back to full strength.

billie said...

Yay, all the positive healing thoughts. (Hugs) to the Big Handsome Bay.