Thursday, May 21, 2020

A few rainy day photos in lieu of native plant posts

It’s been raining all week and still have another day to go, so I’ve not been out much. I took a peek this morning from the front porch and ran down during a break in the rain to take a few photos of some flowers getting ready to come out. The echinacea seem like they’re just waiting for a bit of sunshine to really pop.

The milkweed are slowly coming out. That is a stunning echinacea bloom to be standing tall on the right.

 These are ??? - what are they? I’m going to have to wait until the flowers come out and identify them.

 Here they are from above:

On a different note, about six months or so ago I stopped buying dishwashing liquid in plastic bottles. I got a lovely wooden dish brush and a block of white soap that is finally down to a sliver. Both came packaged in nothing but brown paper, compostable or reusable as wrapping paper.

When it came time to reorder, this olive oil soap was back in stock and check it out! Perfect for November Hill, good for the environment, a pleasure to use when washing hands and dishes.


Matthew said...

Really ready for sun again. We had 7 inches of rain so far and counting!

billie said...

Gosh, I had no idea it was that much! Our CSA farmers emailed in their newsletter that they got close to 10 inches and they had 3-4 huge trees come down, on across deer fencing that protects the garden beds. They have been working hard and quickly to restore that to protect their harvest. Glad to see sunshine today!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good to hear it finally stopped raining. The flowers are lovely. I have no idea what those are either but I always love the echinacea we have some too. The soap looks interesting, love the horseshoe!

billie said...

We are back to full sun and 80s! Everything is growing like mad. Got our two new bee nucs yesterday and will be installing today. Tried to install one yesterday afternoon and they were just too intense to do it. Called it a day and will go down today while the foragers are out. :)