Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What’s Coming Up In The Garden, 9: wild bergamot

This is a favorite in my pollinator garden, both mine and the bees. I planted three small plants two years ago and it’s nicely bunched and spread now, and is a delight once it blooms. It lasts a long time, too. Although it’s not blooming yet, it has leafed out nicely this spring and I look forward to see it in another month or so.

I planted it at the front of the bed, just under the huge butterfly bush that has been here since we bought the farm, and while I do have to trim the butterfly bush back to keep it from taking over, the bergamot grows right up into the bush’s lower hanging branches and later in the season the blooms intermingle. It’s very pretty. 

More info:

Monarda fistulosa 

Phonetic Spelling
mo-NAR-da fist-yoo-LOW-suh
Monarda fistulosa, commonly called wild bergamot, is a native perennial that occurs in dryish soils on prairies, dry rocky woods and glade margins, unplanted fields and along roads and railroads. It is a clump-forming, mint family member that grows typically to 2-4' tall.   

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