Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Happy Birthday, Redford!!

Our youngest equine turns 12 today and that is making my brain hurt. How can it be?

Redford donkey came to us as a young donkey, weaned and ready to help keep Rafer Johnson company. We’d been waiting for Redford since the day he was born, but of course we had to let him grow up a bit. His arrival was delayed when Rafer broke his leg, but then advanced again when Salina went into an estrus cycle and abandoned poor Rafer to chase after Cody, breaking Keil Bay’s heart in the process. Of course, they were ALL geldings, but after weeks of sticking close by Rafer’s side as he healed, As The Hormones Turn became the theme of the day and the black mare left the barn.

Redford arrived in short order thanks to his people, Ken and Marty, who got him here in a jiffy. He settled in and became best buddies with Rafer, put Salina into a tailspin (the look on her face when she came to the barn and found not one but TWO little donkeys!), and of course stole our hearts.

Redford is a red sorrel whose white star has turned into a white blaze as the years have passed. He helped Rafer keep Salina safe during her final years. They were often seen standing one on either side of her, and near the end when she would lie down and be unable to get back up by herself, he and Rafer would bray for us to come out and help her.

Redford is a bit shy compared to Rafer’s boldness but he’s a sweetheart and he loves the “big boys” Keil and Cody. I just can’t believe he’s 12 years old. (And as I type this, in my garret, he just brayed)

We’ll celebrate with carrots and apples for all. Happy, happy birthday, Redbug! We love you so much!

*** I’m a terrible birthday portrait woman lately - and today is so yucky out, I’m not sure I could get a photo lovely enough of Redford’s handsome self. I’ll try to get some good shots of him when the sun returns!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday to Redford! He's a sweet little guy. I can't believe it has been 12 years already. I remember when you got him.

billie said...

I can’t believe it either! Looks like in addition to the apple and carrot party we had yesterday he’ll be getting several inches of snow today as a belated birthday present. :) The donkeys don’t like rain so much, but snow is another matter altogether!