Monday, November 18, 2019

November Hill farm journal, 86

It’s a cold gray rainy day that took me by surprise. I thankfully took the dogs out for their farm romp before the rain started, and then had to dash out to let the pony and donkeys in so they could have shelter and hay in the barn if they wanted. The donkeys wanted, the half-Shetland pony loves cold rain and stands out in it if not locked in a stall.

Cody and Keil have in paddocks adjoining the barn for the past 9 days. Last Saturday morning Cody presented a deep laceration in the groin, which prompted a vet call, stitches, antibiotics, Bute, and of course arnica and bellis perennis. He’s doing well, and the vet has been back to check on him, but the swelling that has traveled to his sheath and barrel/midline has been hard to see. Vet says it’s normal and all is well. We’ve never had anything like this to manage before. The worst thing is that I may be the one whose fault it is, since I left a plastic muck rake in the pasture lying (tines down) across the muck-barrow. We found it Saturday afternoon on the ground, a tine broken off, and somehow I think Cody might have run into it in the early morning hours and impaled himself. There are a couple of other possibilities that have to do with branches and brush, but we’ll never know exactly how this happened.

Yesterday we had sunshine and nice temps, which led to planting the 8 native wild blueberries I had on hand. I love where they are, that they’ll feed wildlife and bees, maybe us too, that they turn a stunning crimson in the fall, that they’ll create a screen on the edge of our property where we planted them.

The orchard grass seed we sowed in the grass paddock, barnyards, dirt paddock and back pasture is doing extremely well. I’ve been told for years it was useless to plant here, but one person told me she plants it and it does well, and since she lives nearby, I decided to try it. I ordered the first batch of seed online, and then suddenly our local feed store started carrying it, so we’ve bought subsequent batches there. We still need to sow the front pasture, and will get to it soon, I hope. It’s going to be interesting to see how it does through the year.

Bear Corgi has suddenly had some arthritis, according to the vet, and is on Adequan injections and double dose omega 3s to help it. Vet says short, frequent walks are best, and he’s self-regulating, so I hope he is more comfortable. It seems he is - he’s getting on the furniture again and is ever eager to go outside. Right now he’s on the huge dog bed though, as Clementine and Baloo have taken up the entire sofa between them and I’m spread out on the loveseat. Pippin has the chair, and that’s it for the living room seating!

We still have fall color, though it’s starting to fade after the stretch of 40/20 temps we had last week. Tomorrow we’re back up to the 60/40 range. I’m having a hard time believing it’s already the past the middle of November.

Yesterday I was cleaning stalls and happened to capture this on film. It was wonderful, and I wish I had the entirety of it, and also a more accurate representation of the sound, but here you go:


Grey Horse Matters said...

I’m sure Cody will heal and be just fine. We can never know how they manage to injure themselves but accidents happen. Good to hear you’re having nice weather. We had snow up at the farm last night and last week too. Not much but still annoying as we haven’t been able to get the leaves up yet. One day it’s 17 and the next in the 60’s with rain in between. So the leaves are too wet to rake. As for little Bear corgi you might want to ask the vet if they carry any CBD oil. It’s supposed to work wonders for arthritis. I got mine from the vet for Ginger’s seizures because I know it’s the real stuff. Very expensive but lasts for about 3 months. It hasn’t helped the seizures but I know it’s good for arthritis. Hope everyone heals quickly and feels better.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Oh p.s. forgot about the birds. They’re a noisy bunch. We have a pond filled with geese and they honk well into the night. Country living!

billie said...

I was totally surprised when it rained for hours yesterday and was cloudy and damp for most of today! Finally, sunshine has appeared and hopefully we can now dry out a bit.

Cody is doing well; the swelling is decreasing and as of today the vet says he can turn out, but since it’s still wet and they might start running around, we’ve kept he and Keil up another day. I’m ready to get things back to normal.

I will ask about the CBD oil. I actually have some that I sourced for myself and achy shoulders. It maybe helped but not enough that I was willing to take it longer-term. Possibly because my shoulders are not arthritic but something else!

And yes, the birds were a bit noisy! They didn’t stay as long as I thought they might, so it was a treat with none of the “cons” of having that many birds on the farm at one time. :)

I’m glad we have not yet had snow! I’m letting all the leaves stay this year. The wildlife federation and several other organizations have been saying if you leave the leaves, it helps insects and birds, and other wildlife. So there are leaves everywhere here. But we had two very windy days and I can tell you, the leaves blew neatly into the woods’ edge in several places, to the point that I actually wondered if my farm helper had come and blown them with his blower (which I’d asked him not to do). Indeed, it was the wind. I had forgotten that if left alone, the leaves just blow out of the way for the most part. Even in the back pasture where we seeded and have had it closed off for 3 weeks, the grass is growing like crazy and the leaves have fallen but not really impacted the new grass at all. I’m aiming for least work possible on things like that so that we can put the energy toward some projects still wanting to be done. :))