Monday, October 07, 2019

Autumn, and rain dancing

Finally, our temperatures have dropped to something more normal for this time of year, and it actually feels like autumn again. We’re seeing a little color but mostly falling dried leaves from the trees because we have been so dry for the past month - only a very light rain on a couple of occasions. 

They say drought makes fall colors more intense but this year I’m not seeing that yet. The dogwoods are turning and their red berries are lovely. I’m thinking about grass seed and young native plantings needing water, and the idea of rain dancing is also on my mind.

Everything needs a deep slow-falling drink. Meanwhile it’s dusty and dry and my very hardy native perennials are thriving without much water at all. Plant natives in the fall, make sure they get an inch of water a week for their first year, and you’ll be gifted with healthy, low-maintenance plantings that host your wildlife and allow you to put your energy into other things.

It’s hard for me to believe it’s already October. Time flies in general it seems, but this year the endless summer has exacerbated it. Last week we had a 100 degree day, and it felt like the middle of July.

Rain dancing: mostly consists of me standing and looking up, silently compelling the clouds to come, the rain to fall, and the plants and trees to drink their fill. There’s a possibility of rain tomorrow. Sending wet thoughts to all who need it!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope you get the rain you need. Although, I would love to see a video of you rain dancing! We’ve had rain on and off for the last few days and I was happy to get it. We were dry too for a spell. The leaves are turning here but not as colorful as some past seasons. Glad your temps are cooperating for a change. There really has been some weird weather lately. Thank goodness none of this is due to climate change...she said sarcastically.

billie said...

That is one video that will never see the internet! :)