Wednesday, September 25, 2019

November Hill farm journal, 84

We’re moving into the fall season, now, in every way but temperatures, which are back in the low 90s here this week and not at all what I was hoping for. There has been no rain for several weeks now and things are getting dry and dusty. Even though the native pollinator beds and plantings that are well established do well in this weather, I had to water a few of the more recently planted, and opted to go ahead and water them all. It’s been awhile since I had to do that!

The goldenrod and tickweed are lovely, and the asters are just starting to bloom. It looks like the narrow-leaf mountain mint may be having a second bloom, which is wonderful since the bees (of all kinds) adore it. The garden is as busy as ever.

I’m noting the fig tree through the window as I type, which reminds me to say that it’s possibly the tallest it’s ever been, and it is covered with figs, but this tree seems to be stuck in its tendency to set fruit quite late in the summer, which often means there isn’t time for it to ripen before first frost. The only thing I know to try is to cover it during any frosts and see if that makes a difference. For the past few years we’ve had very hard freezes that turned it brown overnight, and the growth has resumed in the springs, but maybe the tree is having to put all its energy into regrowth and then the fruiting is pushed way back? I need to research this to get better answers than my own pondering.

Out the opposite window I see two sparrows climbing through the mesh onto the front porch and upon further inspection, I see they’re trying to drag a large leafed branch through the opening at the top of porch screen. I’m not sure why - surely it isn’t nest building time. There is always something going on here which catches me up in its mystery.

And, after sending a photo to our “fam chat” via text, husband says he put the branch there because Clementine had it and he was trying to keep it away from her. The sparrows must be trying to figure out what it’s doing there and are pulling at it. Sometimes the mysteries get solved quickly!

Clementine has become interested in pulling branches off the fig tree and blueberry bushes and bringing them inside to chew. Nothing interesting has fallen lately so she’s breaking them off herself!

This weekend the North Carolina Botanical Garden has their fall plant sale, and the first night is open to garden members only. I have my list written down - am getting some things to go in the new bed, a few things to fill in the existing beds, a few things to add to the still sparsely planted shade bed, and a few new things for Poplar Folly.

Thanks to the lack of rain my over-seeding pasture and putting in native seed mixes along the strip down our lane have had to be postponed - there is no way for me to water those areas and I’m going to have to wait for Mother Nature to get back in sync with me before sowing. However, the grass paddock, which was planted before this little drought, is doing quite well and recovering nicely. We’ll keep the equines off it well into fall.

A large section of stone over the stabilization grids has been put in outside the far barn door, creating a nice mud-free area and erosion control as well. I feel like someone should set up one of those monthly (or better, weekly) delivery things for various kinds of stone - I would sign on in a heartbeat! I need enough to complete a project that takes a day, and if it showed up each week it would all be done pretty quickly. But we’re moving along with it and plugging things in as best we can.

The animals are all doing well. I know every single one of them is going to be happy to get a break in the heat/insects as we cool down, when that finally happens. And I need things to cool down so they can be comfortably in the pastures during daytime hours when I have help to get the barn projects done.

However, all that said, when I sit down and just enjoy what already is, the to do list drops to the back burner and I know that what the list is, really, is the stuff of life, what fills the days with purpose, and the aim is not to finish the list but to treasure the doing of it.

It’s a quiet day and although it doesn’t quite feel like fall, it sure looks like it through the windows!


Grey Horse Matters said...

All the gardens sound like they’re doing well. Can’t beli you’re still so hot down there. We’re not too bad in the 70’s-80’s. Waiting for the 60’s though. The leaves are starting to turn so that’s a plus. Clementine sounds like she’s an excellent yard helper!

billie said...

I’m envious of your temps and your leaves changing - I’m just seeing dogwoods starting to turn, and some trees east of us but not many here on the farm yet.

Clementine is truly a helper - she brought me a container I dropped off the back deck earlier today. Unfortunately her teeth punched holes in it! But she was trying!! :)