Friday, July 19, 2019

Happy Birthday, Rafer Johnson!

12 years old! Who can believe it?

This is the most recent photo I have - it’s so hot this week I didn’t manage to get a birthday portrait, but I like this shot of Rafer with his good pal Keil Bay.

Birthday treats have been given out all week long at mid-day, in an effort to make the high heat more bearable. Though Rafer and Redford seem to love the sun and often lie in their dust circles basking.

Rafer is a real love bug and even when I insisted, ON HIS BIRTHDAY, on using water on his legs and then lotion (we’re having horrid issues with flies on legs right now) he was sweet and cooperated. 

I feel like we’ve had nothing but joy from this handsome donkey. He’s handsome, sweet, full of spunk, and we love him dearly. 


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Shoofly leggins are one of the the best equine product I've ever invested in. Val's lower legs are not running with bloody bites, and his feet do not get shredded from stomping all summer. I've had them last 2 plus summers, and my all-sand environment is probably harder on them than most. Val literally reminds me if I forget to put them on when the flies are bad. Totally worth the money to have a way more comfortable horse.

Happiest birthday wishes to Rafer Johnson!!!

billie said...

Thanks! We actually have a full set of Sox For Horses’ Silver Whinnies for every horse and donkey, but the donkeys don’t really like things on their legs. Keil and Salina love/d theirs but the horses aren’t having issues with flies so far this summer. They seem to be targeting Redford, the least willing to wear anything, and to a lesser degree, Rafer. We may go ahead and put them on anyway if it keeps up.

I love the winter whinny warmers and the silver whinnys are amazing - great company that gives generously to rescues - a long time ago when I wrote my first blog post review on the original whinny warmers I got for Salina, Sox For Horses owners emailed me and asked me to pick my favorite rescue so they could donate as a thank you. When I wobbled between TWO rescues, they donated to both - many many sets of the whinny warmers to equines in need of them that cold winter.

They also source everything in the US and have worked with veterinarians to make customized silver whinnys for all kinds of animals with difficult wounds to heal, etc.

If this sounds like an advert, IT IS! I love their company and highly recommend them. It’s not always true that horse product companies truly care about horses, but these folks do. Love their products.

Meanwhile, a local small business who developed Banixx makes a wound care lotion that is amazing. Not sticky/gunky but stays on, heals, and protects from biting insects at the same time. Love their products too! The owner did a special consult with their veterinarian when Keil needed something special - above and beyond! Another advert! :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday to a very sweet boy! I can’t believe it’s been that long since he came to be with you. I remember when you got him.

As I’m reading this it is still 93 here. It’s been brutal for 2 days now, supposedly it feels like 107. The herd has been getting hosed off at night before going to their stalls. I’ve got to try all the products you gals recommended. Poor Blue is the target for every biting bug every summer.

billie said...

We had a huge thunderstorm today that cut the heat from 96 to 77. Such relief!

Grey Horse Matters said...

👍🏻⛈ were not supposed to get a shower until Monday,then it should cool off.

billie said...

Hang in there til Monday!!

billie said...

Hang in there til Monday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Rafer Johnson!!

With love,


billie said...

Thank you, Marty!! You and Ken brought JOY x2 into our lives. :)