Saturday, May 19, 2018

November Hill farm journal, 54

I need to check the rain gauge after three days of considerable rainfall here, but I seem to be otherwise occupied and keep forgetting.

Tuesday we had drywall repair done in the garage and then painting. I didn’t expect to be tempted into more projects in that space other than getting things cleared, cleaned, and repaired/painted, but alas, the painting of the stairwell from main floor down to garage looks so spiffy I am now itching to have stair treads/risers finished out. A new light fixture is on the list, and a new smoke alarm as well. Every project seems to, instead of simply being crossed off, start the dominoes falling as I madly add new things to the list.

But I have stopped today to appreciate the walls and the clean space and I’m going to move on with putting things back where they belong down there and wait for the new garage door installation before I leap into new work.

I’ve set up my bee supply area and will be painting the hive tomorrow. I’m very excited.

We are now officially moving into summer jungle mode here. It’s been nice not needing to water anything and I feel like the earth needed a big, deep drink, but I think we can stop now!

Tuesday was painting and a trip to the dentist with my mom, Wednesday was equine dental visit (all are well, three out of five were floated, I am relieved to have that off the agenda), and Thursday and Friday I had a 2-day live webinar to finish off my CEUs for this year. With all the rain it was a good time to be glued to the iPad screen. Thankfully I had a CEU buddy to keep me company, though I’m not sure he passed the post-test!

I have about 274 things to do and while I’m feeling the pressure of them a bit, I’m also enjoying the fact that the bluebirds fledged this week, the birdsong on the farm is symphonic, and the greening of the landscape is a sign of resilience and vigor. That I will never manage to keep up with it all means the land and the world rolls onward. And glancing up at the photo of Baloo, maybe a belly-up nap on a rainy day is something we all need to aspire to.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The work never ends and the pressure to get it done sometimes seems like a stone around your neck. I think we are a lot alike. With me one thing always leads to another and another and another...Right now we are waiting for the painters to paint the indoor arena, the front of the barn and my house at the farm. The rain has set them back about a week. But it will all get done eventually, at least that's what I keep telling myself!

Love the picture of Baloo. Perfect! Animals know how to de-stress and we should take a lesson from them.

billie said...

Wow - a lot of painting. I hope it goes easily and smoothly!

Rain gauge says close to 3 inches this week!

More to come, I think. I got my bee hive painted today. And did a little weeding. I think I need to kick back with my book for an hour! :)

Matthew said...

Such an awesome picture of Corgi Borg!

Matthew said...

I love the juxtaposition of a November Hill furry family member with the screen here :)

Matthew said...

Love the juxtaposition of Corgi and iPad screen here. Really enjoyable image :)

billie said...

Missing Baloo!