Thursday, May 03, 2018

November Hill farm journal, 53

We’re fully into green season here - the trees are absolutely gorgeous and offering near total privacy, which makes me happy.

It was warm enough last week that I decided to move all the indoor plants to the front porch. That night it dropped to 34 degrees! The plants are fine but that in a nutshell tells the story of this spring on November Hill.

Everything in the pollinator beds is growing and I watered for the first time in months to insure everything, especially the new plantings, got a good soaking this week. 

Monday was a very busy day: new entry door was installed, daughter presented her primate research on campus, and we celebrated her birthday with a nice dinner out. Tuesday was equally busy, with the garage being cleaned out (the main part only - the two storage rooms are for another day) and drywall repairs made. Next week it will be painted and we’ll continue with the storage room cleaning/clearing/organizing. Hopefully the garage doors are installed soon. Once it’s all pulled together I’ll share the “big picture” but for now, this is my new door:

It matches the clematis and the climbing roses on the left side of the big garage door, and it makes me really happy every time I drive up. 

After a dip to 34 degrees we’re now into a week with highs inching toward 90. The horses are in the barn during the days. Thankfully the humidity is low, we’ve had a steady breeze along with the climbing temps, and I’ve been able to carry on with chores without sweating. 

Baloo Corgi enjoyed his first big romp in Poplar Folly this week! He and Bear had a blast and I’m looking forward to more fun back there. 

This morning the doors are open, the trees are swaying gently in the breeze, birds are singing, and all the cats and Corgis are stretched out for morning naps. It’s a wonderful life. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love your new door! It reminds me of a door I had years ago on our first house. I always liked it the best. Your garage sounds like it's moving right along too.

Seems like summer is rolling in by you. Believe it or not we've had 90 degree temps for the last two day. Right from winter into summer with no Spring to speak of. I like the warmer weather but how many times can I say this weather is ridiculous for the time of year!

billie said...

Wow - I had no idea it was so warm up there!! Thanks re: the door. I hope we get just a little more spring before the real heat hits!

Matthew said...

Was so great to have the two corgi borgs over in Poplar Folly!

I love all the improvements to the property that you've made happen, and I know the corgis really enjoy having the run of the place. :)

billie said...

Me too! They had a long fun romp session today back there. Now there are two conked-out Corgis on the living room floor. :)