Wednesday, July 05, 2017

November Hill farm journal, 33

July 4th is behind us now; there were fireworks but mostly distant. The cicadas did a magnificent job providing white noise, Rescue Remedy for the herd helped them stay calm, and an Aperol spritz and dear husband kept me calm as we sat in chairs by the barn and waited it out.

My mom was here for a 5-day weekend and we had good food, great conversation, and a very nice visit. Our son was in town and came by a couple of days for a few hours, and I treasured the constellation of family that made up this holiday weekend. Who knows when these particular orbiting  planets will align this way again!

We're managing to keep on top of the farm chores. The grass is growing like mad, the horses are eating grass and hay and dropping manure at a pace that seems super-equine in sheer volume. We are mucking and spreading and overseeding and mowing and weed-eating and trimming back the jungle. The Newer Spreader is a godsend, and our new shelter is affording space for the mower so it stays where it's most used. The harrow has moved to the hay tent and that's made harrowing easier too.

I have a new mini-ShopVac in the barn and although I haven't used it yet I think that will make life easier as well. This year seems to be all about getting super efficient with the work we have to do here. I'm happy to be getting some things done and getting some tools that help.

Tomorrow I have a new farm helper coming for the day. We hope to have him here every other week for now, and I'm thrilled that he came so highly recommended. He works alone and apparently he can do just about anything I put on the work list.

Horses and donkeys and cats and Corgis are all happy and healthy.

And it's JULY. Once we hit August 1st I think we're over the hump of summer. The wild muscadine vines have fruit! That's the first sign that fall is coming.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It sounds like you're very organized and getting lots done. Nice that everyone could get together. As you say you never know when it will happen again.

billie said...

We are trying to play catch up on some things and keep caught up on others. :)

Hope things up north are being good! I owe you an email.