Monday, July 03, 2017

And gate annoyance

I love the new gate. Love, love, love it. But no sooner than it was installed and operational did I start to experience some of the annoyance that I guess is inevitable.

A landscaper I had met with one time about some work showed up unannounced to take a second look at a tree (after I had specifically instructed him to schedule any such visit with me) and CRAWLED UNDER THE GATE with someone. I happened to be in my driveway when this happened and I was both appalled and annoyed. What the heck does a closed, locked, gate mean to you? My message with a closed gate is DO NOT ENTER. That I had verbally said this to him just made it worse.

Yesterday the rural mail carrier showed up, on Sunday morning, blowing the horn at the gate and then when I didn't make it out there in 5 seconds, shoved a huge package over the top of the gate onto the ground.

I have ordered signage but really? Is it that complicated? If a gate is closed do not go through it unless you have been invited to do so.

My delivery box is now set up so hopefully once I get signs installed that will be the end of that.


Grey Horse Matters said...

People are amazing aren't they? Common sense and manners don't seem to count for much nowadays.

billie said...

A, my sentiments exactly!!