Tuesday, June 13, 2017

November Hill farm journal, 32

This is what I woke up to this morning - our neighbor's ducks doing bug duty in the front field. I am charmed by this little flock, who make the trek from their pond two farms down to visit our field each morning. I wish I could hire them to march through the barn aisle a few times a day!

While doing morning chores I also encountered a box turtle walking along the dirt paddock. He acted like he knew exactly where he was going, so I left him to it. The barn gutters are being installed today, so the horses and donkeys are having to live "rough" in the front field, something they are not at all accustomed to at this time of year, and I assure you, there was drama. Husband and I brushed out ears, put on fly masks and fly spray, cleaned and filled the water trough, and gave lots of hay in the shady areas of the pasture. There was galloping and bucking and pacing and lots of bossing around by all of them. It's 2:14 as I type this and they are still bunching up at the gate, clamoring to come in!

I offered them all a cold hosing and the horses and pony accepted, all grumpy but willing to line up for their turns. Thankfully today has been overcast so while it's warm, it's not nearly as hot as it would be if the sun were blazing. I don't know yet how long the gutters and downspouts will take so they may be roughing it again tomorrow.

In other farm chore news, we recently got a Newer Spreader. I used it today for the first time and wow - it really does the job! I'm very happy with it.


Our efforts to purchase a small parcel of land behind our back line have failed. I was told by the realtor that developers from a neighboring town have the entire 103 acres under contract with plans to build 50 homes back there. Thankfully the power cut and county setback regulations will keep things at a reasonable distance but I'm sad that the hundred-acre wood is going to be a subdivision. The other side of this coin is that our property value will increase, but my hope is that the whole plan to develop crashes and burns.

Our plans to re-do the perimeter fencing are proceeding, but now we'll also add another fence to the actual back property line. There's another little plan I'm hatching as well but I'll save that story for another day to tell.

We've been having lovely salads with the lettuces from the garden this month. The last of the strawberries were eaten and now we're waiting for tomatoes and cucumbers and blueberries to come in.

Baloo is doing beautifully - he's a sweet pup and very high energy. Bear is still happy to have a playmate and I'm thrilled to have two dogs who get along well and keep one another company when I'm busy with other things!


Grey Horse Matters said...

The little flock are very cute and very helpful. I'd hire them if I were you. Maybe if they have to rough it again the drama will be a little less tomorrow. Tell them it could be worse it hit 99 here today with full sun and humidity.

It's really too bad about the subdivision going in I don't like them at all. I'm with you and hope it falls through. Your garden sounds like it's doing well. Glad Baloo and Bear are having fun and getting along.

billie said...

Oh, wow - you are hotter than we are!! I hope the drama is over - I was able to let them in at 4:30 and they were all ticked at me. Served them cool wet tubs and hay, fresh water, and put on the industrial strength fly spray so they would hopefully not have any more bugs to deal with. They gradually settled down and Keil finally let go and did one of those horse fluffer-sighs. Contractor is here part-day tomorrow at the barn so they will at least get to come in mid-day or so.

The ducks came back this evening and ended up at the barn while the horses were in. Cody came to the back door and the ducks flocked en masse toward the back yard gate, then took a sharp turn and skedaddled back toward the field. They are so funny. They seem to be eating millipedes which makes me happy!

Matthew said...

It's definitely turtle season. :)

And duck season on November Hill.

The Newer spreader works amazingly well, and very quickly.

billie said...

The hay scraps are a bit of an issue but otherwise I am very pleased!