Friday, June 09, 2017

my new favorite company - Barn Light Electric

We recently ordered a new light fixture for our front porch, my reward for a lot of work done painting and weather-proofing the screens we had built last spring. It arrived yesterday. I am struck by the quality of the fixture, which was made to our specifications selected during the online ordering process. I was also impressed with the packing - no plastic, nothing but paper and cardboard, and yet it was secure and completely intact upon arrival. This company clearly cares about making and delivering a quality product!

I'll post a photo once we hang it this weekend, but meanwhile, if you need lights for the home, farm, or barn, I highly recommend Barn Light Electric .

I'm already looking at replacing our garage entrance light and the two on our back deck. As well as the barn. You pick your style, color, size, wiring, etc. I am beyond impressed.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'll check it out. Looks and sounds great!

billie said...

I love the options of color, metals, etc. I think you'd enjoy the site.

Betty Lynne said...

Thank you so much Billie for your kind words and link to our site! We're so happy that you love your new light. There were many hands that worked to make sure your fixture went from a flat sheet of metal to that beautiful light you now have on your porch. We take pride in what we do here and really appreciate our customers who understand that handcrafted lighting may take a bit more time than mass-produced, imported fixtures, but it is oh so worth it!

billie said...

Betty Lynne, thanks for commenting! That so many people worked to make the light, here in the US, makes it even better. I did a lot of research when looking for this light fixture and clearly I found the right place. :) Looking forward to more examples of your company's work very soon.