Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Second and third days of Christmas: February and March

Yesterday, the 27th, my daughter's newest critters, two female hissing cockroaches, arrived and were set up in their very large, nice habitat. Within the first half hour one had disappeared and there were worries that she had escaped. Then she appeared, eating slivered carrots and grooming. A little later the other one disappeared. More anxiety. Then she too appeared. It turns out there is an area in the habitat where critters can hide. The info sheet that came with the habitat actually cautions that this is likely to happen!

I have an insect phobia. It's pretty controlled at this point in my life but wood roaches and big spiders remain issues and if I think any kind of bug is actually on me shrieking ensues. 

Interestingly, since I was little and read Charlotte's Web, my fear of spiders shifted and I became intrigued and even enchanted with spiders. 

Yesterday, although these very large critters scared me, I began to feel protective of them and enjoyed watching them eat and groom. I think this close encounter foretells some movement beyond my comfort zone for February! And I love the idea of an "instruction manual" giving me clues along the way. 

Today, the 28th, I spent some time mucking in the midst of the herd at dusk. It was dark enough that I was partly finding manure piles by intuition as much as vision. It was as quiet an evening as I've heard in a long time. So very still out. There were no sightings or soundings of any wildlife at all. But there were all the members of the November Hill herd around me, and what I felt was peace and safety. They were grazing hay calmly and I knew if anything happened they would know it first, and then I would know it because I listen to them. March will be peaceful and safe, in the midst of my loved ones. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I don't have any insect issues or spider phobias but I'm not sure I'd like roaches for pets. I'm not crazy about rats, mice and snakes though and some shrieking could occur if one is spotted in my vicinity! February and March seem like they will be good months for you.

billie said...

A, I know - I wouldn't either but of course my daughter's interest has got me interested too. :) It's interesting how we all have our shrieking things!