Sunday, July 03, 2016

My annual PSA on fireworks

If you plan to set off your own backyard fireworks, I urge you to take a moment to consider:





Other animals such as cows, goats, and pigs

Birds including chickens, ducks,and wild songbirds

Wildlife in general

There are statistics showing that many animals are displaced due to fireworks each year, that birds actually drop dead and fall to the ground, and that rate of injury and accidents goes way up for large animals.

If that isn't enough on its own to convince you to put the fireworks away, consider the risk of injury to yourself, your friends and family, and the risk of fire that could damage your own property as well as that of others if it spreads. When you light the fuse of anything that goes up in the air you basically have no control over where it comes down. I have had still burning fireworks land in my back field before from neighbors four farms away.

And if that isn't enough, consider the likelihood that somewhere nearby lives a combat veteran with trauma and that the sound of fireworks is very similar to live fire. 

I'll add in that not everyone wants to hear the noise of fireworks and when you set them off you basically ruin the holiday for all of us who prefer a quieter celebration.

When you set off fireworks to celebrate independence you basically trample all over the rights of others. 

Why not go watch the fireworks set off by cities and towns? I'm not fond of those either, but at least they're controlled and they have emergency teams nearby in case they're needed.

Or you can spend your 4th of July the way I do - with cats and dogs sequestered safely inside, horses and donkeys contained in small paddocks near the barn, and a bottle of Rescue Remedy in hand to help all get through the evening. 


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Thank goodness they made fireworks illegal (except municipal) here after someone's beach house caught fire. Not everyone complies, but it has helped.

Looks like you had a lovely visit to Cali - enjoyed those posts. :D

Grey Horse Matters said...

I agree! We spent the day at home quietly and barbecued. Not so with the neighbors by the farm, those idiots started last Friday night with firecrackers and ash cans. It was the first time Ginger heard them and she bolted for the door when I had her out for a potty break. She spent the rest of the night shivering in my lap. And then insisted on sleeping in the bed with me. I happened to be talking to the neighbor before this started and told her how much it upset the horses. She told me that "Well you better let J know so she can put them in!" Jerk. Not much you can do with people sometimes.

billie said...

A, we have had rain every night this weekend so far, which has helped us get through this weekend quietly. I sent out my annual email to the neighbors asking them to let me know if they plan to set off fireworks and adding my plug for not doing it at all. So far no one has contacted me.

Here in NC there are classes of fireworks that are illegal for private residents - the ones that shoot up high in the air - so I have threatened to call the sheriff a few times when neighbors were using those. We also have noise ordinances so anything past 11 can be shut down too. But really, you'd think people would consider how disruptive it is in general and just not do it.

billie said...

C, how cool that they are banned there!

I still have many more California posts to go. I am slowly working through the photos and remembering the places one by one. It was a lovely trip and I am so happy I got to go. :)

Matthew said...

Hopefully, rain tomorrow evening!

billie said...

At this point we probably don't need the rain but if it thwarts the fireworks, bring it on!