Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back to UC-Santa Cruz

We spent three days here and I have so many photos to share. The library quickly became one of my favorite spaces on campus, though as you have already read, I loved it all.

Here's the walk to the library. The redwoods seem to gather in circles as if they are doing something sacred and important. I spent some time standing in the middle of the circles and soaking in their amazing energy.

These bridges are more beautiful than I have captured. I should have photographed the view off the bridge to reveal the forest floor and the path below. It is almost like there are two levels on this part of the campus - one above the forest floor and one on the floor itself.

The front of the library is stunning. You don't see the trees in this shot but they are everywhere around it, as if a building full of knowledge simply landed here and the trees stepped aside to let it be.

The space inside was the most inviting I've ever seen.

I spent some time here writing and reading and then I headed back to the student center to visit the bookstore. (Which had an entire section of fiction, very well stocked, and a wonderful collection of beautiful notebooks and blank journals - I was totally impressed.)

The student center was undergoing renovation but is very distinctive. I would love to go back and see it when they're done with the work.

Stay tuned for more. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the bridge. It looks like a very nice campus. Very well laid out and welcoming.

billie said...

It felt like a place I could live - which wasn't really true for any of the others.