Saturday, February 20, 2016

unbelievable birthday - Redford donkey is 8 years old

I am reeling (and a day late) to announce Redford's 8th birthday. I cannot believe the youngest of our equines is already 8 years old!

Unfortunately I went out yesterday with dewormer paste for all before realizing the date and so his birthday started off with that. It was apple flavored and they all got carrots before and after, but still - that is no way to celebrate the birth of such a sweet and handsome donkey boy!

We'll see if I can do better today. 

Redford got hoof trims this week and lest anyone think donkeys are difficult with this, let me assure you otherwise. Keil Bay went first, then Cody, then Little Man, and by the time Cody was trimmed both Redford and Rafer Johnson were lined up by the barnyard fence waiting for their turn. All I had to do was open the stall doors to let them pass through and they both marched right out to the trim stands and all but put their hooves up to wait.

Redford is a shyer donkey than Rafer is, but he is sweet as pie and immaculately behaved. He holds his little feet up for the trimmer and puts them on the mini hoof stand without even being asked. 

The past few weeks he and Rafer have been galloping all over November Hill playing donkey games and it warms my heart like nothing else can. 

Redford teaches me every day to notch down my demonstrative self. To get quiet and let little gestures say what needs to be said. I am so fortunate to have him in my life. 

Happy birthday, little Redbug! Just wait 'till you see what the day after a deworming birthday brings! I'll post a birthday portrait later today. 


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Hugs to Rafer the birthday boy (and to Redford just because!)

billie said...

Thanks - Redford treated the herd to birthday tubs for dinner tonight, along with his own. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday to the sweet little guy! Rafer you are a special boy. Hugs and kisses and scratches from me.

billie said...

Thanks!! Redford is enjoying a warm night for a change. :)

Kyle Kimberlin said...

Happy birthday to Redford!

billie said...

Thanks, Kyle! I hope all is well your way - I am woefully behind on checking in on blogs and I miss your stories and poems. I will remedy that right now. :)