Wednesday, December 30, 2015

fire and rain and rain and rain

Sunday I stepped in a compost pile (with sandals on because it is in the 70s here) and pulled out a foot coated in fire ants - usually dormant this time of year! We don't have any mounds on the farm right now, at least none that are visible, like this hidden compost mound, but I'm seeing them along the main road in growing numbers. 

I have daffodils coming up already, 8 inches tall. 

And rain. Rain. Rain. 

Yesterday we had a break from the wet stuff. The sun came out and a nice breeze blew in and although it's muddy and squishy in the pastures I turned the horses out, opened the barn up, turned on the fans, and spent most of the day getting it aired out and clean. The herd got treats and grooming and a little exercise in the arena. 

None of them were much interested in the exercise except for the pony, who had been cheeky to his girl and seemed to need some attention. He galloped and galloped and galloped in both directions, offering many flying lead changes and extended floating trot and a few bucks until he finally settled down. 

I left them out until bedtime last night, knowing more rain was on the way. Today and tomorrow look messy on the weather radar. The rivers and creeks and lake are all higher than I've ever seen them. I'm not sure where all the water will go that falls today and tomorrow, but on Friday it looks like "normal" temps are coming in - sunshine and highs in the 50s. I'm looking forward to getting dried out.

It's a little odd having the screen doors open and ceiling fans going while the Christmas tree is up! 


Grey Horse Matters said...

We've had the same sort of weather minus the fire ants. I think we've had maybe one day of sunshine since Christmas. The weather has been unseasonably warm which is fine but the muddy pastures and fog and drizzle are getting a little depressing. I hear the weekend should be a little cooler with sun, I'm up for that!

billie said...

Me, too, A - I am getting weary of the mud and fog and rain. Time for some sunshine and cooler weather. Hope we both get that by Friday!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Also tired of the persistent wetness. :( Don't know how they cope in the PNW. I've been fighting off some kind of seafood related illness as well... blech.

Wishing a happy, healthy New Year for everyone at November Hill!

billie said...

C, earlier this year I was researching a possible move to the PNW to an area that has less annual rainfall than what we have here! It was surprising to see the numbers and realize that at least the past two years we are living in a very wet place.

The rain is falling again today though the forecast promises it will clear out this afternoon. I cannot wait to see the end of this. So ready for dry ground.

I keep trying to visualize the metaphor of floating into the new year (in a positive way) but what keeps coming up instead is the slogging through mud image. :)

I hope you kick the bug fast and that we all get some relief from this muggy, wet, December. Happy New Year!

Matthew said...

The local lake is at an all-time high, boats can no longer drive under the causeway bridges.

It's wet out there!

billie said...

Wow. I haven't driven further than our main road into town - it is incredibly high everywhere I have seen.