Tuesday, December 08, 2015

2 chiros and 1 good ride

Keil Bay and Rafer Johnson both had chiropractic appointments this morning. Keil was happy and didn't have much going on, thankfully. Little Rafer who lives a life of pure leisure was a train wreck! He had stuff out of whack from poll to tail, but he stood happily in the morning sun while the adjustments were made. I am sure he was floating on endorphins the rest of the day.

This afternoon I had a nice ride on Cody. He started out a little stiff but quickly warmed up into a lovely walk and kept it up the entire ride. We had a little bit of trouble with him wanting to cut one corner, worked through that, and then had some trouble with me forgetting who I was riding - the slightest touch of leg to ask for bend ended up getting me a trot several times. He is so different from Keil Bay, who seems to always know exactly what I want from him. 

That comes from years of riding though and Cody and I will have to put some time in together to get to that point. He's a sweetheart and I'm lucky to have him as my second ride. 

Found out last week that Mark Rashid is coming back again in February and I'm hoping Cody and I can get at least one private lesson in this time. I could use some eyes on the ground to help me get more confidence on him, and how to honor his sensitivity without feeling like I'm sitting on an eggshell. :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

The chiro sounds like it worked wonders on the little guy. Bet he enjoyed it.

Cody sounds like Dusty was to ride. The slightest touch or thought and she would be off. I always like that she was so forward in anything she did. Blue on the other hand is nothing like that. If he went any slower he'd be standing still. I'd love to go to a Mark Rashid clinic but they never seem to be up here. Hope you manage to get to it.

billie said...

A, in hindsight I think Rafer has been a little grumpy of late - I'm eager to see if this takes care of that!

Oh, Dusty - yes, that is Cody. He is so sensitive to the aids including thoughts. Keil Bay isn't what I would call a slug but he is so much bigger that the rhythm of his going forward takes a bit longer - I think I'm just used to that rhythm and with Cody it feels like he's going faster than he is because his shorter legs and stride have more steps in them!

Thanks re: Mark Rashid. My ideal would be to audit his clinic and have privates here on Cody. We'll see what the schedule and budget allows!

Matthew said...

Glad Mr. Johnson is now feeling better!

And that you and the Chestnut Prince got the chance to ride. Looks like one last dose of warm weather is heading this way this week before winter settles in.

billie said...

Famous last words - we could be sweating on New Year's Day! :)