Wednesday, March 18, 2015

jean luc cornille on compensations

This gorgeous post reveals how we might view our horses as we do ourselves when going back to work after injury, or time off, and also how we might listen to what our horses are telling us when they say no in the ways they can.

We've had our own experiences here with this kind of thing. A pony who needed acupuncture stopped jumping. A QH with PSSM stopped moving. A Hanoverian who needs his chiropractor stamps his hoof when his hip is brushed. 

All of these could be viewed as "disobedience" or "bad" behaviors, and yet these are all good-natured, willing horses. They tell us things with their bodies, they do not use words. A wonderful vet once told me: Assume every negative behavior comes from pain. 

The next question to ask is what's wrong? What's going on? I can all but guarantee you that if you stop and ask this question the horse will give you more information, but first he will drop his head and touch you with his muzzle and say thank you for listening. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

I read the article and agree. I've always looked for an alternate reason why a horse behaves in a different manner than I am expecting. It's up to us to figure out why a horse refuses to do what we ask. It's either mental or physical. We humans have our reasons for what we do and we are lucky in the fact that we can voice them. An animal does have a voice too but we must be willing and educated to listen.

billie said...

Arlene, it's so true about us being lucky. Among the horses here in their herd, I see them communicating and understanding one another in their own language. I have seen them circle and protect Salina when she was down and unable to get up, I have seen them play as rough as any horses anywhere but if one is suddenly vulnerable in some way they stop. It's valuable to take the time as their people to watch and learn their signals and what they do when they are in pain, or confused, or simply not thinking clearly because something has distracted or frightened them.