Wednesday, March 11, 2015

crocuses and spring peepers

Is it official now? Has spring really arrived on November Hill?

It's possible. The deep purple crocuses are blooming, the spring peepers are singing, and the cats are wanting to stay outside all night long. When the carpenter bees appear I'll know we have arrived. Only once since living here have I seen a carpenter bee struck down by a late freeze.

Suddenly I am in a frenzy. If spring is here, it's time to think about gardening and tick control and all the wintertime chores I didn't get to yet. I have a privacy fence idea I want to try out, and that involves cutting down a bunch of red maple saplings we need to clear out anyway. Best done now before they leaf out again. And I had visions of adding stone screenings to several areas, but it's been too wet to do it this winter. 

The barn fans need to come down and get cleaned and checked, and the feed/tack room needs cleaning out. Horse blankets need to be cleaned and stored away. 

But I think the most important thing to do today, right now, is go have a ride on the Big Bay!


Grey Horse Matters said...

It looks like Spring definitely has it's toe in the door by your. What I wouldn't give for a little color right now, other than white and gray. Enjoy your ride!

Anonymous said...

Riding first! Always a good plan!

billie said...

I noticed on my way out today that the daffodils are getting close too. So so ready for it - at the moment we have rain rolling in, but it's warm!

billie said...

And yes re: riding first! :) Our ride was even better than the last one. Keil was a little stiff to start out last ride and his right hind was tracking out a bit, though still coming forward normally. Seems like by the end of the ride he was tracking normally and today was more forward from the get-go and nicely swinging at the walk with some nice big trotting to wind us up. it was lovely for our ride - sunshine with a nice breeze.

Matthew said...

Ohhhh! Love that picture!

billie said...

Thanks - I love those splashes of purple.