Wednesday, October 30, 2013

zero to sixty on the Big Bay

Today's ride started slow. I felt tight and stiff when I got on, but immediately felt better once I did. Keil Bay seemed a bit sluggish - our temps were back up to 70 today and the sun was out and it was mid-day. We had a nice breeze though and since it was pleasant I figured we'd just do a lot of walking and a little trotting and enjoy the trees which are finally starting to turn colors.

We had a nice walk going and just kept on with it. Once we started trotting, the trot was nice but not spectacular - but Keil was responsive and moving well and again, I was enjoying the laid back ride so much I didn't ask for more.

We kept going.

At some point Keil literally shifted into high gear. It wasn't spookiness but he just clicked into his power mode. We did the best walk I remember ever doing. He wanted to trot and we did some shoulder-in to stretch things out even more - after that the trot got even better.

I really did have to slow him down to get him ready for a dismount today - he was revved up and not even interested in stopping!


Grey Horse Matters said...

It all sounds good. Maybe he was laid back for a while until he thought the both of you were warmed up properly for the big forward movement.:)

billie said...

i told him yesterday before the ride that no one would guess his age but everyone would guess mine! It still blows me away when I pull his forelock up over the browband and see his secret silver hairs. There is no way this horse can be almost 25 years old!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Keil Bay says use it or lose it mom!!

billie said...

LOL - and he is right. :)