Friday, October 25, 2013

good rides and COLD temps

Have continued the rides with Big Bay and have had to pull out heavy breeches for warmth, turtlenecks, a fleece jacket one day, and tonight we're cranking up the wood stove! So we went from zero to sixty, to muddle a metaphor, in terms of dealing with heat and flies to dealing with chilly riding.

The horses of course love this weather.

I'm loving how my body feels a few minutes after I get in the saddle and even better later in the days after a ride. Clearly something tight is getting stretched out in a way it desperately needs.

Horses are getting furrier, more hay is getting forked out, and I'm getting more reluctant to dip my hands into water troughs. Love the fall, love the chill, and am really happy to be riding the Big Bay. He's pretty happy too. :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good for you and the Big Bay! It's getting very chilly here too. I'm heading out to ride in an hour or so once the frost is off the grass. Hope you continue to have fun riding, it seems to be good for your stretching things out.

billie said...

Yay, Arlene! I'm glad we're both back in the saddle. Hope Dusty continues to be her cooperative, gorgeous self for you!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Had to use heat here last night too... good snuggling weather.

So happy to hear you and KB are back in the riding routine. :D

billie said...

Thanks, C - me too - it was too long to go without riding, but I guess it was what needed to happen. Glad it is over.

And hope you're faring well with the one-armed chores. If you were closer I would come help!! The little farm across the lane is still for sale - 3 acres, run-in, some fencing already in place, horsey neighbors next door, across the lane, and down the lane x2. :)

Anonymous said...

The horses and I are loving our weather too - no flies and we all have more energy. I love it when their coats start to "velvet" up.

billie said...

Kate, you must be happy to have the move behind you - and can now fully enjoy this great season with your 3 lovelies!