Monday, April 01, 2013

Cashel is interested in hearing more about Clinton Anderson

I buy and love their fly masks and have let them know I will no longer do so if they continue to sponsor Clinton Anderson.

Please take a moment to write them via email and let them know that you too want them to look at who they sponsor more carefully!!

GO HERE to their contact page.

This is their latest response to me:

First of all thank you for your email.  We did find the article are referring to.  As you know there are two sides to every story. I hope this sheds a new light on the sad  situation for all involved.

They (Vet, Clinton) believe the horse died of an aneurysm. (The owners declined an autopsy).  It was not  a training related death.
Clinton called them on 3 occasions to express his sympathy and sent flowers.
He refunded their training money, offered a signature horse, and offered free training on another horse.
Owner accepted the refund but declined the other offers.

All of us here at Cashel are against horse abuse… 90% of our donation funds go to horse rescue operations,  because we care.
I hope this clarifies a few issues. Please feel free to respond if needed, and again, thank you for contacting us.

Kind Regards,

I urge everyone to write to Cashel and let them know your thoughts. I will not buy another Cashel product if they continue to support Clinton Anderson and his methods.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm actually surprised you got a personal response. I didn't think big companies really paid any attention to complaints about this sort of thing.

billie said...

A and everyone: I have ALWAYS, EVERY SINGLE TIME I've ever written to a company about issues like these gotten a response. I have gotten telephone calls, even. It is a huge mistake to assume that writing does nothing. It doesn't always get the exact result we wish for, but it always informs, and very often it creates reasons for the company to look further at who they choose to sponsor.

Not doing anything is the only thing that gets no response. Truly.

Matthew said...

Thank you Billie for all your efforts to help stop this kind of unconscionable animal abuse.