Sunday, March 31, 2013

Epona TV weighs in on Clinton Anderson



Grey Horse Matters said...

Good article. Hope somebody can actually have this guy investigated along with his ranch and training methods. It is abuse pure and simple. At the very least maybe all the publicity will alert potential customers to what goes on during their horse's training.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Well written article - thanks for sharing.

Sounds like it will be good to shed light on what happens behind closed doors at the CA training facility.

Sadly - I fear there will always be a market for his kind of "training"... namely intimidation and cruelty.

Ingrid said...

I watched a few minutes of a video demonstrating the use of that "Patience Pole" insanity. Designed to teach the horse "patience and respect". I cannot believe that Mr. C.A. is still in business. WHO sends their "problem horse" to be taught "respect" by such an "expert" and his utterly idiotic "Method"?

Matthew C. said...

This is so sad and heartbreaking. Reading about Pharaoh makes me think about how loving and special horses are. I tell our equines every day that I love them, and the idea of this kind of abuse makes me cringe.