Sunday, November 04, 2012

what we're up to this fall

Kyra Corgi is getting older but she still loves her special hikes. We carried her about half the way so she wouldn't get tired or sore. The last stretch she rode in the front seat of the truck and let Bear get the rest of his boundless energy out. 

Rafer Johnson at dinner time, really wanting Salina's stall door open so he can go lick out her big red feed tub. He periodically uses those lips to work on the stall latch and we are in big trouble the day he manages to get it open!

The lovely senior mare Salina, who is in good spirits and seems to be getting a slightly naughty streak this year. She's been tipping buckets, knocking things down in the barn aisle, and then, just when you think maybe she needs to lose barn aisle privileges she does something charming like this. A few moments further on she probably came halfway in and started pulling things out of place, but you know, I love seeing her bold spirit and sense of humor coming out. She has earned the right to play a few jokes after so many days and nights tracking those silly geldings!

Bear is the youngest animal family member on November Hill and although he can wear out the patience of a saint with his boundless energy, he is a sweetie too. There is something to be said for having some "young'uns" in the family.

In other news we are trying hard to keep the red maple leaves out of the pastures. There are a number of trees coming down this weekend, and neighbors are working with us to help out with the maples along the fence line.

And Moomintroll is having a bad weekend with no appetite and some difficulty using the bathroom. He is getting on in years too and I'm worried about him. Vet trip in the morning and then we'll see.

Daughter rode in the annual hunter pace today and her team took second place in the long course. Son took the SAT on Saturday and is awaiting his results.

The theme of all the above: time races on. Puppies and children grow up in the blink of an eye. Horses and cats too. Stop and enjoy the moments along the way, and celebrate every single second of youth and good health. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Loved the pictures of the gang. It's nice to have a young'un around. I'm sure Bear keeps them all feeling younger with his vigor. And Salina couldn't be any more adorable peeking in the door like that. Sounds like she's having a great time for herself tipping buckets and causing mayhem. Hope Moomintroll is okay.

Congratulations to your daughter and her team. The results from the SAT will be fine I'm sure.

Time goes by in the blink of an eye enjoy it while you can. Soon they'll be off to college. Every season of life brings something different. I think how you deal with it makes your life interesting and fulfilling.

billie said...

Thanks, A - I know you are further along than I am in this journey with children going out into the world and I hope I manage it as wonderfully as you clearly have!!

Moomin is on the way to the vet with M. I am holding down and fort. Moomin slept with us last night and I must have woken up a hundred times thinking he might have passed on. It seems so obvious right now how aged he is. The homeopathic remedy for hyperthyroid worked perfectly for a number of months, and when it stopped working, he went onto the allopathic med, which worked for awhile. Right now it is not working, and seems to be making things worse - and/or his body is just started to decline.

He purred half the night though and growled at Bear when he got too close this morning so some things stay the same.

I am wishing for animal hospice today. The idea of taking him to the vet this chilly morning was so unappealing. But the mobile vets don't always have the ability to run tests so we decided to take him in. Sadly, his regular vet said they could not see him unless we were willing to drop him off - which seems insane to me - we're going to take a sick, aging cat and just drop him off there for the day?

He's going to someone else.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

That will be a special day when donkeys realize they can open doors. Love hearing that Salina is thriving. :D

Agreed about the ever more rapid passage of time... Hoping the vet visit had positive results!

billie said...

Thanks, C. Moomin had an enema and they administered fluids subcutaneously. He spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening in M's lap while M. worked on the computer.

Today he got up and came in to the laundry room where he had a nice drink of water and a little food. We've syringed food and water last night and early this morning but this was the first real interest he has shown since Saturday in eating.

However, after he ate, his mood shifted. Digestive tract is def. not working as usual. I made him a snuggly bed on the floor in the laundry room, sensing that he wanted to be near the water and the litter box. He has been there all of today. I'm not sure he's going to come back from this - on some level it feels like his body is slowing down and getting ready to let go.

I could be jumping the gun and hope that I am, but I think losing Keats so unexpectedly has me now erring in the other direction. Sigh. It is not easy but it's part of life.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...


You may already be doing this but just in case...

If you have a heating pad or even a hot water bottle, putting that into Moomin's bedding under a blanket will give him great comfort. I've nursed a few kitties through end stage kidney / organ shutdowns and they craved the extra warmth. (((hugs)))

billie said...

Thank you, C, I was actually thinking of that earlier today. He rested for a long time but then got up, drank water, and went into the litter box where he had a poop, liquid but at this point anything that represents something moving through is welcome, and then he rested again in a different place for awhile. He came in the living room this afternoon and spent some time in all his usual places, and when I started feeding the rest of the felines he came right in to the laundry room, ready for his serving. He ate at least a couple of tablespoons and then went back in the living room, so he is def. moving around and getting back to somewhat of a normal routine. He is painfully thin right now. But he purrs and is pretty alert to what's going on.

On another note the horses and donkeys have been full of it today - total wildness out there, esp. Keil Bay and Salina. Almost as if to say we might be older but we are still full of fire! It's funny how they seem to know when one of the family is off.

Matthew C. said...

Lovely to see the furry family members up on the blog yet again.

How important it is to cherish the time we have together. . .

billie said...

M, moomin not only went out onto the front porch for some sun just now, he went after Kyra when she tried to walk past him. Hoping he is moving back to okay status - the signs seem to point to that but I'm afraid to get too excited.

Victoria Cummings said...

Oh Billie, I hope that Moomin is doing better. I'm trying to figure out what's going on with our Velcro, who is also getting on in years - I do think that they let us know when it's time. And SAT tests and college plans are swirling around our house too - You're right to appreciate each moment the way that you do because they can not be repeated. At the same time, looking at your beautiful photos is a reminder that there is so much more that life offers up ahead of us.

billie said...

V, he's better - but not all the way back to where he was. We have him off the thyroid meds until he stabilizes a bit and when he does the vet suggested we half the dose and use a stool softener. Right now he's eating and drinking and using the bathroom, walking and jumping up to the couch and basically is alert. For now, this is good enough! Hope Velcro levels out too. I have to remind myself constantly that my job is not to make everything perfect - I can get very wound up fretting and trying to do that.

Strawberry Lane said...

Loved each and everyone of the photos of your "kids". Each one with their personalities the charm us ... most of the time. Rafer Johnson just might get that stall door open. I see concentration there. And Salina looks adorable coming through the door.

About life: today is a gift, tomorrow is yet to be. So often I think things will continue as they are ... but that hasn't happened yet. I hope to always stay grateful for the now.

billie said...

S.Lane,yes it is so true that remaining grateful for the now is the key.

We've spent most of the past week dealing with what seems like an entire forest of red maples that we didn't even know were red maples until this year... oddly enough the big ones we are taking down, though leaving a large "hole" in our back treescape,just happen to be in the exact spot where I want to build my writing studio. It is so weird and so wonderful how things often turn out just the right way even when it initially seems like a big mess.